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Photo Gallery: Lobo Football Summer Drills 7/12/2010
The Lobos' summer conditioning drills include running, jumping, lifting weights -- and team bonding.
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  • 480 640 Troy Hatton, the strength and conditioning coach for Lobo football, has few words with his pupils prior to a classroom of running, jumping, lifting and sweating. 211022975 New Mexico Athletics
    480 640 Bubba Forrest, a defensive back from Carlsbad, N.M., pauses atop a platform during a jumping drill. 211022976 New Mexico Athletics
    480 640 Troy Hatton walks alongside several Lobos during a jumping drill to provide instruction and encouragement. 211022977 New Mexico Athletics
    480 640 Running back Demond Dennis was absent when the team ran the bleachers, so he had to go it alone on a hot New Mexico summer day. The temperature was 98 degrees as Dennis jogged up the East side of University Stadium. 211022978 New Mexico Athletics
    480 640 Linebacker Carmen Messina stops to check out some of the lifting charts posted on the wall of the UNM weight room. 211022979 New Mexico Athletics
  • 480 640 Demond Dennis stops to take a long pull on his water bottle inbetween his jaunts up and down the bleachers of University Stadium. Did we mention it was 98 degrees during Dennis' run? 211022980 New Mexico Athletics
    480 640 Emmanuel McPhearson gets some spotting during a squat drill. 211022981 New Mexico Athletics
    640 480 The Lobos' weight room has just about everything any Lobo needs to get bigger and stronger. 211022982 New Mexico Athletics
    480 640 Sometimes you just can't get by -- or get the weight up -- without a little help from your friends. Quintell Solomon spots for Emmanuel McPhearson during a bench press. "Stick around. I'll put on a show," McPhearson promised. 211022983 New Mexico Athletics
    480 640 It's always nice to keep a towel handy for a quick wipe down of a bench or a brow. 211022984 New Mexico Athletics
  • 480 640 OK, Emmanuel McPhearson was hamming it up a bit for the camera, but there are some intense moments when you are tossing around the iron. 211022985 New Mexico Athletics
    480 640 Troy Hatton said the drills in his second summer of conditioning haven't change much since the summer of 2009, but the demands and the expectations have gone up a few notches. 211022986 New Mexico Athletics
    480 640 Troy Hatton watches his Lobos like a hawk. He lets the players have some fun in order to build team chemistry, but he also expects them to be focused and work hard. 211022987 New Mexico Athletics
    480 640 Demond Dennis was one happy Lobo to be out of the sun and back in the air-conditioned embrace of the Lobo weight room. 211022988 New Mexico Athletics
Thursday, August 14
7:00 PM - 
Women's Soccer
vs. Intrasquad Scrimmage
Saturday, August 16
7:00 PM - 
Women's Soccer
at Arizona (Exhibition)
Monday, August 18
7:00 PM - 
Men's Soccer
vs. Fort Lewis (Exhibition)
Wednesday, August 20
3:30 PM - 
Men's Soccer
at Air Force (Exhibition)
Friday, August 22
6:00 PM - 
Women's Soccer
at Texas Tech
Saturday, August 23
TBA - 
vs. Lobo Alumnae (Exhibition)
7:00 PM - 
Men's Soccer
vs. Denver University (Exhibition)