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Photo Gallery: 2010 New Mexico Women's Golf... 3/8/2010
Images from the 2010 New Mexico Women's Golf Clinic, hosted by UNM's women's golf team and coaching staff, March 6, 2010.
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  • 324 640 The clinic started with a talk from coach Jill Trujillo and the rest of the women's golf team. Over 91 women attended the clinic. 210985067 New Mexico Athletics
    425 640 Women of all ages and backgrounds took part in the clinic, held March 6, 2010. 210985068 New Mexico Athletics
    640 588 The women's golf team and assistant coach Becky Dover introduces itself to the clinic participants. 210985069 New Mexico Athletics
    343 640 Camp participants prepare to head outside and soak in some further instruction. 210985070 New Mexico Athletics
    332 640 Coach Jill Trujillo and senior Britney Choy demonstrate the elements of a good shoulder turn. 210985071 New Mexico Athletics
  • 480 640 Clinic attendees hang on every word from coach Trujillo. 210985072 New Mexico Athletics
    404 640 Brittany Choy shares a lighter moment with some clinic attendees. 210985417 New Mexico Athletics
    334 640 Senior Jodi Ewart works the driving range, offering pointers here and there. 210985418 New Mexico Athletics
    485 640 Jodi Ewart talking about proper wrist rotation 210985419 New Mexico Athletics
    527 640 A pair of clinic participants sharpening their driving skills. 210985420 New Mexico Athletics
  • 640 483 Two more clinic participants soaking in the morning sun. 210985073 New Mexico Athletics
    419 640 Coach Trujillo overseeing the hard work getting put in on the driving range. 210985074 New Mexico Athletics
    444 640 Jodi Ewart explaining the importance of proper hip rotation. 210985422 New Mexico Athletics
    480 640 Britney Choy works with Lobo women's soccer player Gianna Cavuoto on the driving range. 210985423 New Mexico Athletics
    640 426 Jodi Ewart and Britney Choy take a second to mug for the camera. 210985424 New Mexico Athletics
  • 640 480 Jodi Ewart demonstrates proper posture and a winning smile. 210985425 New Mexico Athletics
    640 520 Britney Choy takes a break to schmooze with one of the clinic participants. 210985426 New Mexico Athletics
    480 640 Britney Choy, back at work explaining the mystery of the golf swing. 210984653 New Mexico Athletics
    382 640 Freshman Bethany Buchner, sophomore Rebecca Hellbom and assistant coach Becky Dover say 'cheese' while breaking from a chipping demonstration. 210984654 New Mexico Athletics
    480 640 Hellbom, Dover and Buchner field questions. 210984655 New Mexico Athletics
  • 480 640 Buchner and Hellbom elaborate on the finer points of putting. 210984656 New Mexico Athletics
    640 498 Bethany Buchner describes her technique for reading a green. 210984657 New Mexico Athletics
    480 640 After soaking in the putting lesson, the clinic participants were set loose on the University of New Mexico Championship Course practice facility. 210984658 New Mexico Athletics
    480 640 Sophomore Sarah Salvo shows her chipping technique to the clinic participants. 210984659 New Mexico Athletics
    480 640 Chips Ahoy! 210985516 New Mexico Athletics
  • 480 640 Clinic participants getting a little chippy. 210985517 New Mexico Athletics
    640 480 Clinic participants working on three different levels - chipping, putting and driving. 210985518 New Mexico Athletics
    640 480 Junior Jordan Kennon and the magic that is her chipping stroke. 210985616 New Mexico Athletics
    480 640 Assistant coach Becky Dover and her putting stroke wowed the clinic participants. 210985617 New Mexico Athletics
    480 640 Sarah Salvo and chipping - like peas in a pod. 210985618 New Mexico Athletics
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