Post Game Quotes
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  03/06/2013

March 6, 2013

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Coach Sanchez

On this win...

"This feels good. I told our kids to enjoy this because we haven't had a twenty point win this year. To get everybody in and make the most of opportunities, like Alexa Chavez did, our kids went in there and played hard. I thought our defense was really good. This win was good for us."

On the keys of tonight's game...

"We wanted to limit our turnovers, which didn't happen. We wanted to limit the offensive rebounding on their side but they got 18 offensive rebounds on us this game but they got 25 on us last time. We also wanted to limit their transition points, which we did. We wanted to make the most of our opportunities. I thought we ran our offense well especially early and into the second half. When we started running on them, Bryce made some great passes off the ball screens, that is when I thought we broke it wide open."

On the point spread by the players...

"Everyone but Jourdan Erskine and Maddie scored but that is good balance. I don't care if anyone had double figures, which only Deeva did. When you have a game when you win by 20 points and everyone but two score on a roster of fourteen it is a good game. Everyone looked for each other, we had 19 assists. The turnovers we aren't really happy with and neither are the kids. They played really hard and I am proud of them. They gave it everything they had and they wanted this win. They want this week to be special for the seniors and I thought they did that. Now we still have the game on Saturday which is also a tough one."

On the team...

"Winning by 23 points and from them to go from wire to wire and being ahead at halftime makes me proud as a coach. We talked about building the lead and the starters did that. I took Caroline out early because I thought she got hurt by an elbow and she turned out to be fine. Everyone that went in for that eight minutes in the second half built that lead and that's what you want to see from your team. We look good this late in the season which is nice and we played great defense. I know that the team is down loosing one because of a concussion but even with that being said, you can make games close and we didn't that is a sign of our team growing. That is what you want to see as a coaching staff."

On pushing the pace...

"It was a big deal tonight, we wanted to be in control. We ran our break and wanted to seal whoever the big kid was on. We tried to bring her up as much as we could and step around her. She is going to be good even though she is a little raw now. They are working with her and have done a nice job. We wanted to bring her outside the basket and give the one dribble pull up to the rim and we did that early. I credit Khadijah because she got it early and drew two quick fouls on the big kid. We were 3 for 10 on the free throw line, golly. It is ironic though because we beat them on the free throw line the first time and that's how we won that game. We have to get better and keep going."

On the pressure of getting wins for the seniors...

"We have never talked about wins and losses but it could. We just talk about playing hard and this is the last dance for the seniors at The Pit. I told some of the underclassmen that they are going to be seniors one day and it is tough to understand what they are going through now. The biggest thing we have talked about is playing as hard as you can for the seniors and play smart. We didn't really say "get them a win" because that is tough for everybody. If they play hard, smart and together good things happen. I learned from Coach Flannigan a long time ago and I tell the team this "if you play as hard as you can and don't leave anything on the court I can live with that." As long as they go out and leave everything out there and tonight they did that."

On assists...

"We have been a good passing team all season. We turn the ball over a little too much. The assists have been up and I thought we did a nice job of finding one another especially during the break. With the shot clock winding down we set up a nice ball screen for Bryce and Jayme and they did a great job of taking the big kid and dishing it down. I thought we looked for each other today."

Caroline Durbin

On sitting on bench for majority of game
"It's fun, especially seeing the younger people getting there. We cheer for them and a lot of them did a good job today. So it was really fun."

On winning by 23 points
"We haven't had a 20 point win in a while so it's nice. It's nice to be able to play everyone and get some rest for some of us that play a lot of minutes. It's a good feeling."

On more pressure for next games being a senior
"I don't think a lot of pressure. You want to go out on a good note so you just want to play your hardest. That's the main thing. With the win tonight, we played hard. There is only one more game in The Pit for the seniors so you know you have to make the most of it."

Antiesha Brown

On transitions during the game
"It was a goal for tonight. We have been working on our transition offense a lot. They didn't really have the pedals going on for their transition defense today so we decided to take advantage of that. It is hard with a 6'7" girl on the opposing team. She is a really good player. We had our posts running tonight and they occupied the majority of the paint. It opened up everything for everybody else."

On leading team in rebounds
"I came in tonight to do the little things. I didn't want to go in and disrupt everything, especially on the offensive boards. Our players boxed out the big girl so I knew our guards needed to take advantage of that. They depend on their bigs to get the majority of their rebounds. I think our posts did a really good job of clearing them out of the pain and allowing us guards to go in and get a few boards."