New Mexico-UTSA Post Game Quotes
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  08/31/2013

University of New Mexico-UTSA


Aug. 31, 2012

UNM Head Coach Bob Davie

Opening Statement

First of all, you know a lot of credit to them. I think they were what we thought they would be. You know offensively I was really impressed as I had been all year watching tape on them. The quarterback’s an operator and they keep you off balance. They got some really good skilled guys do a good job calling plays. So I think offensively they were everything we thought they would be.

Again I think anybody that’s been around us would realize we were a little surprised that we couldn’t move the ball better. You know you can see what we are. You know if we can’t run it up in there we just didn’t take advantage enough on the explosive plays we had. You know, we had some opportunities we did with some explosive throws. We had one to Bundy, we missed probably three or four other ones where the ball was late, the ball was under thrown, one time Carlos Wiggins looked like he had a chance to catch the one down in the north end zone.

But you know we are what we are and I think they deserved to win this game tonight. You look back you know the first half we dropped the pass on 1st-and-10 which would have been 2nd-and-3 and we had a false start on our offensive tackle that caused us to go from a 2nd-and- short to a 2nd-and- long. You now we missed the 42-yard field goal, we went for it on 4th-and-2 and just got stoned on a power play. So we’re disappointed, but this isn’t totally unexpected to me you know I knew this would be like it’s going to be every week.

We’re going to have to scratch and claw, we’re going to have to get better, we’re building. The positive is a lot of young players played, a lot of young guys played particularly in the secondary and, I thought, hung in there in a really good scheme a really good quarterback so there were positives. I’m disappointed but we’re just starting, we really are. Again Ben Skaer our punter was outstanding. Justice Adams in the kickoff game was outstanding, (but) he missed the 42-yarder. We got nothing on punt return, we got nothing on kickoff return, which was disappointing.

We’re 0 and 1 and now we go on the road for two weeks and we have to fight like heck to get better and I expect us to get better.

On going for 2 (in the first quarter)

Yeah, yeah it was (planned beforehand). We’re pretty diversified on special teams. We said our first touchdown we were going to go for two. We just made a commitment to do that and it didn’t work.

On not establishing the running game like last year

No I think we’ve got a bit of a—we’ve said this, schematically it’s not a surprise to anyone anymore and we’ve gotten into a little bit a thing where people are just getting in there with two big ol’ guys inside and just sitting square in the line of scrimmage ... and you know Colorado State really did it to us if you think back, to our last game last year with the exception of a few big passes we couldn’t run a ball on Colorado State. So it’s something we just have to continue to diversify, you can’t run dives up in there like we did there last year all year and think you’re going to do that again. We got to look at the tape but, they were bigger I tell you I was impressed with the way they looked physically they had some big ol' guys in there and they rotated players that’s a pretty good football team. That’s a pretty good football team. You gotta say you’re disappointed when you couldn’t run the ball better than we did.



Junior cornerback SaQwan Edwards


Could you talk about that last drive (99 yards) and what they did?

They just had some good plays. Like coach said, they mixed it up on us. They did some quick screens and kept setting us up with the little hitches. So we kept biting on the hitches, and they hit us over the top with the wheel route.  So they just set us up. They did good.

What was the mood in the locker room after the game? What did you say to each to each other?

We are going to come back, get better Monday. We got some stuff to work on; we’re going to keep fighting, stay together as a family.

What do you think needs to be worked on?

There’s a lot of plays and stuff we need to work on, but I leave that to the coaches. I just go out there and practice every day hard.

Was there a time where you guys felt like you were losing momentum?

We never felt that. We kept fighting.  We never get down or anything like that. We didn’t. We’re going to keep fighting.

What kind of feeling was that fumble return for a TD?

Feels good, just trying to help my team win, really.  I didn’t really care because we lost. I wish I could have made more big plays. But it was a return, nothing big.

What do you say to your teammates as far as encouraging everybody?

Just keep fighting. Come back Monday harder and stronger. This game really humbled us. So we’re going to come back hard Monday and go at it.

You said it humbled you. Do you think maybe you guys underestimated them?

No, we never underestimated them. Humbling situations come from all different situations of life. We didn’t think we were bigger or better than anyone.

Sophomore WR Marquis Bundy


On Cole Gautsche and his first game this year as a starter:

"I think he did good; he threw the ball well. I obviously dropped that one pass that hit me in the hands, and that (37-yard touchdown) pass he threw me was a beautiful pass. He threw a couple passes that got dropped that were really good passes. I thought he did pretty good."

On the mood in the locker room and how they will use this game to get better:

"We are just going to get better; we're just going to get better from this point on."

On Kasey Carrier talking to Gautsche about having concussion-like symptoms and if any of the players picked up on it:

"I didn't even know he got injured until I found out that Cole wasn't going to be in the game and Clayton was right there so I didn't even know about that."

On what the team needs to work on Monday-Friday to prepare for the next game:

"We're going to watch the film Monday at 8 o'clock. W we’re going to watch the film and they’re going to tell us what to do and that’s basically it.”

On starting out on a 13-0 run and wondering if it may have gotten “too easy” at first:

"No it wasn't too easy, it was just big plays that happened. It wasn't too easy or anything like that.

On thinking this wasn't going to be as hard of a game to win as first thought:

"No I don't think we thought like that. They just made more plays than us today."

UTSA Coach Larry Coker


On the win:

“It was a good road win. Wins aren’t easy and I don’t think we played our best the first half, especially offensively, but we came back in the second half and Eric threw the ball well. And I think just the attitude to do what we need to do to win the football game. And you got the ball on the 1-yard line and went to the 99-yard line and the defense had to step up to finish the game. You know those are things you do and it’s good to build on.”

On the comeback:

“It’s one of those freaky things that happens in football. We’ve done a good job in protecting the football, that was the only fumble we had and lost and they did a good job too of protecting the ball. We played through and we talked about that a lot. I don’t care how bad it goes, play through. I had an opportunity to meet Muhammad Ali in Miami and he was talking about keep punching, keep punching and that’s kind of our motto. But that’s what we’ve got to do all year long.”

Junior WR Kam Jones

On his feelings about the last minute drive:

“I’m very excited for the win, we’ve been driving down 99 yards, and we were up by one point. All the adversity, it was a fight all the way until the fourth quarter. I’m just happy for the win. Our team came out and was ready to play and it came down to the last drive.”

On having a major impact in the game:

It felt real good, it felt like my freshman year all over again. I started playing with my swag more and started playing my game.”

On pulling out from 13-0 and the team’s character:

“We were down 13-0 but we knew we had three more quarters to play so we out there fighting every quarter and it came down to the last drive.”

Senior QB Eric Soza


On what was going through his head in the game:

“I told the offense let’s focus one play at a time. Win each and every play and we’ll be putting ourselves in an opportunity to win the game. Offensive line did a great job, they opened up holes and gave me time to throw the ball. And 99 yards put the game away, it shows perseverance in our team and the fight that we have.”

On the shovel pass:

“We practice that every Thursday and that’s just being in the right position at the right time. Every play going up to that was very crucial and that’s the way to finish the game.”