Coach Yvonne Sanchez Quotes
“First off congratulations to Jeremy Fishbein and men’s soccer, that’s awesome. That’s awesome, going to the Final Four so this time it’s going to be much different they’re going to come back with a trophy. So I want to say congratulations to him that’s incredible.”

“Rivalry games are always stressful especially on coaches, especially me. You know, our kids did a decent job. We need to guard better but I’ll tell you what … I mean they played well we had some good things going and I’m very proud of them. Very pleased today.”

On defense
“We fouled too much. They got to the line 22 times. And we had 16 personal fouls so we just fouled too much. But it is 33% shooting, 21% from the 3 and that’s a team that makes nine 3’s a game. And they only had four today. And they shot 50% from the line and we regressed a little bit. You know coaches are never happy because coaches are pyscho, and I’ll be the first one to admit that. I’ll tell you what, I’m happy with our kids and we’ve got to dig in a little bit more but they did a nice job.”

On Anteisha coming up big when UNM needed her
“Big time, big time. You know Teish will play that four spot, Sara will play that four spot. We’ve been putting them at the four in practice. They’ll be able to play it pretty well once the years over because we can’t afford to get our posts in foul trouble because we’re thin already. And with Khadijah getting two quick ones, I think I put her in still in the first half and I told her if she fouled I was going to kill her. But I probably shouldn’t say that out loud. But she went in there, we got a couple of steals, we got a couple of rebounds, and I was able to put Kiana in right for her so we gotta guard better. And our next opponent is not going to be real easy. I heard they’re pretty good”

On Alexa and playing time, how much is team leaning on her?
“Well that’s a great question. She’s been actually earning minutes even last year. And freshman year she did a great job. She’s been solid and solid and it’s a kid I played a little bit last year even but you’re right. She’s earned minutes because what she’s done on the practice floor. She’s earned minutes because of being in our system. You know for a couple years now, she’s a good basketball player. There’s no question and we don’t have one status or another. Alexa has done a great job she holds her own in there, she’s getting more comfortable as she plays. And I think she’s going to be pretty good by the time the season ends.”

On her limping
“The only thing I can guess, is on one of our fast breaks she had a wide open lay up and kind just jump stopped and didn’t bend her knees but I think she’s okay. God knows I don’t need any more injuries.”

Khadijah Shumpert

 On her performances in the second half on games this season….
“I think it has to do with the team talks and coach Sanchez’s speech that she gives us at the half. That’s something that I want to change though, have consistency through the whole game and not just one half.”

On the meaning of rivalry games…
“It’s always important to win a rivalry game, especially this one since New Mexico State is in the same state as us. It’s important to come out and walk away with a win.”

On the defensive effort….“What we practiced for the last week was force them left and force them to take a bad shot that they don’t want to take. We have to step up the defense if we want the offense to work.”

On forcing the NMSU players left during the game….
“We watched film on them and we noticed that they were all strong to the right and finished well with the right so we wanted to make them uncomfortable and force the bad shot from the left.”

Antiesha Brown

On the Aggie team this year…
“They’re definitely young, but they’re not the same time that we saw last year. It’s not necessarily and grudge match when eight of the nine players are new, but we tried to take advantage of that youth and expose and rattle them. All in all they’re a great team and I have respect for them but I’m glad we got the job done.”

On the overall team performance....
“I thought it was pretty solid. There is definitely a lot to work on and we can get better on defense. We had a good offensive game tonight, we’re definitely going in the right direction though. We have a tough schedule coming up in December, but it’s nice to steer the boat in the right direction.”