Post Game Quotes: UNLV 76, New Mexico 73
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  01/15/2014

Coach Neal Post Game Quotes
Albuquerque, NM
The Pit


Opening Statement:

“It was a tough loss. I thought UNLV did a nice job and playing the way they wanted to play. We can’t give up 46 points in a half and expect to win. I told our guys after the game, I don’t know how to put my finger on it, but I think they’ve lost an edge. It’s an edge they’ve always had, a competitive edge. For some reason we have gotten off to some bad starts. Anytime that you allow a team with their ability to get 46 points in the first half, it is going to be an uphill climb. Our guys played hard, made free throws tonight. UNLV was terrific. I give them all the credit in the world. It’s back to the drawing board; we have another tough road game this week. I thought the team would come in with a better mindset, a tougher mindset. It is hard to battle back when trailing 15 points.”

What happens to the offense when Cam is on the bench?

“We need to get back to moving the ball. It took Kendall a while to get going tonight. We just took some bad shots.”

Is this loss something that will help the team get their “edge” back?

“Well if they don’t get it back it’s going to be a long year. There are just a lot of things that bother me that I am going to address. They used to have this killer instinct in them. I haven’t brought that out in them. You can’t expect to compete for championships at our level and give up 46 points and not guard.”

Cameron Bairstow Post Game Quotes

On first eight minutes and mindset coming in.

"I thought we had a good mindset coming in, just from how we practiced the previous days and how we were warming up. But I guess defensively we just weren't ready for them. On their offensive end, they were strong shooting the ball and that really killed us early on. 
On killer instinct

"I just think it’s very hard when you get down by that much and crawl your way back and we managed to do that. And so I have to give the guys credit for that but we didn't quit and we kept coming back. Unfortunately, on the defensive end in terms of that we didn't have shooting, getting on people and guarding, making it hard to change the score. Which I think wasn't there at times in this game."
On disappointment of losing a home game and by only three

"Any loss is going to be disappointing, and we had opportunities to win the game so that's pretty disappointing. We just got to learn from it and move on, it's a long conference season."
On the last shot

"Yeah, I made a mistake on that one for sure, and I realized it right away. My original thought was to go 2 for 1 but that wasn't the right move. We only had 45 seconds by the time it got to me, it just wasn't enough time for 2 for 1. I definitely made a mistake in a crucial part of the game."