UNM Football Quotes Vs. UNLV
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  09/28/2013

UNM vs. UNLV Quotes
Sept. 28, 2012

Coach Bob Davie

“First of all, congratulations to UNLV. Physically they are a good-looking football team. … I don’t know if I’ve been in a game like that. That first half was just unbelievable. From an offensive standpoint, on both sides of the ball, it was pretty impressive. Obviously from the defensive side, it was pretty humbling. At the end of the day you have to able to stop someone, and you’ve got to be able to make some plays. … We just have to keep plugging, keep pounding. Offensively there were some very good things. A lot of guys played well on offense. Cole (Gautsche) and Carlos Wiggins. Kasey (Carrier fumbled). Crusoe (Gongbay) played hard, ran hard. A lot of positive things, but if you can’t play defense . . . It is unheard of for us to rush for over 500 yards or whatever we ended up rushing for and not win this football game. We are what we are right now. … We had a couple personal fouls that crushed us and there’s no excuse for that … It’s humbling. It was a heck of a game. I think UNLV is a pretty darn good football team.”

On what adjustments UNLV made defensively in the second half …

 “They really squeezed the inside so we had to put the ball a little more on the perimeter. … We still had plenty of things schematically going for us in the second half.”

On what he thought of Carlos Wiggins’ performance …

 “Carlos is an explosive guy and he continues to improve.”

On what the team can do to address its kicking woes …

 “We don’t have many options. It was disappointing right before the half. You would like to see us make solid contact,  but he kind of stubbed it.  I guess we’re just going to have to go for it on fourth down. We don’t really have a whole lot of different ways we can go with that.”

UNM Player Quotes:

WR Carlos Wiggins

On the frustration of making as many yards as they did and still losing the game …

“It’s very frustrating, but we just got to come back harder next week and work on our defensive adjustments and keep pushing the ball and work.”

On whether he expected this type of performance …

“Oh no, there is more to come, I always expect to do great things – it’s just a matter of me getting the ball and trying to work hard and get those extra yard I can.”

On what Coach Davie told the team in the locker room after the game …

“He wasn’t too happy, but he said offensively we didn’t make too many mistakes and we did pretty good.”

On the hardest part of this type of loss …

“Just the loss and letting down the fans, all the fans that were here for us. For us to let them down is pretty hard and that’s probably the hardest thing.”

On what they tell the defense after a rough performance …

“Oh we still keep them up. We still congratulate them and tell them keep going, keep working. We tell them to keep their heads high.  We tell them to come harder next time.”

DE Brett Bowers

On what the defense needed to do to stop the Rebels …

“I feel like we had the right plays called, but we just couldn’t execute to our full potential. In the end, they had too many big plays for touchdowns.”

On how the defensive unit feels after its performance …

“There is definitely a lot on our back as a defense. Last week we didn’t do well at stopping either and then this week was almost worse.  We just need to pick it up as a defense.”

On what improvements the defense needs to make …

“I don’t think we had too many missed tackles but we could always improve.  It was mostly just missed assignments and people not doing a good job and that’s what makes a good defense, do your job and make stops.”

UNLV Coach Bobby Hauck

Q: How does it feel to have won the game tonight?

A: “It’s good! I don’t have to answer those questions for you guys. It was exciting and I’m happy for our guys. They did a really nice job in a couple different areas of the game. We were down 14 to start the game and we fought back.”

 “We came out after half time and took the lead for the first time and then didn’t capitalize on a few chances to score so I just have to give New Mexico some credit. Bob and his staff did a good job getting their guys ready.”

“They have us different looks on offense that we hadn’t practiced against the first half and that obviously gave us fits. Thirty-five points. And then they came out the second half when we were up and hit us on a play that we had worked on multiple times every day.”

 “They did a nice job tonight. Defensively, they did the same thing. They gave us a bunch of looks that we had not seen and we struggled with it at times.”

“It was just great to get the win. Our assistant coaches did an awesome job at halftime getting us ready on the defensive side and getting some things ironed out. And then our guys played good the second half on the defensive side. They got off blocks and they got to the ball better.”

Q: What kinds of adjustments were made defensively?

A: “We just made some different calls, some different ways we were setting them to different formations, to different games. We added different pressure that was not high on the call sheet.”

Q: About Caleb Herring:

A: “He’s an awesome guy. He is a true team guy. He’ll do whatever it takes and what it takes right now is him playing quarterback.”