Post Game Quotes: New Mexico State 67, New Mexico 61
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  12/17/2013
Lobos vs. New Mexico State
Coach Neal Post-Game Quotes
Albuquerque, NM
December 17, 2013
Opening Statement:
“I thought NMSU played a really good game. It is really hard to make a comeback when you get behind 23-5 and we managed to do it. We got off to a really bad start and I’m not quite sure how much it hurt us that Hugh didn’t play. They came out and hit seven three-pointers in the first half, got up to a 39-26 lead, and we just couldn’t get it going. Our guys fought and played hard. That is the first time that we haven’t hit a three pointer in forty-one years, which is surprising. I think our guys gave really good effort, but we didn’t place good defense in the first half. It is kind of a pattern for us that we need to figure out. We just need to get over that hump when we are down.”
You talked about needing scoring in the second half; did Arthur Edwards give up a good shot with that lay-up that he passed up and gave the ball to Cullen?
“He just never got a good handle on it, so he passed the ball. We had a chance at the end, we didn’t get the job done and they did.”
Did you feel out of sync offensively to start the game?
“We just weren’t playing at a very good pace. We started off with three turnovers and they were hitting big shots. The fact that we got the chance to tie the game at the end says a lot about my team. We have a lot of work to do and we need to get better.”
Getting used to not having Hugh on the floor:
“The first time Hugh didn’t practice was yesterday, so it is new for everybody. We had a lot of freshmen and players who haven’t played a lot out on the court tonight. With Hugh and Pancake’s broken nose, we aren’t getting too lucky with the injury bug right now. Yet, that is no excuse and we need to find a way to win.”
When will Hugh be back?
“We’re taking it day-to-day. My job is to care about him and I left it up to him to make the decision.”
Is it a different feeling losing to the Aggies?
“At the end of the day, a loss is a loss. It’s an in-state rivalry and that hasn’t happened often since we’ve been here, so it is a different feeling. My hat is off to them, they played terrific.”
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On the difference between this matchup and the previous one in Las Cruces on Dec. 4...
“I think the mindset. We didn't came out with a really good mindset. You could see it into the game, as we should have been. And anytime you get off to a slow start, and we were down 23-5, it’s going to be tough getting back. And we managed to get it back to a two-point game at the end, and we just weren’t able to finish it off.”
On playing without junior guard Hugh Greenwood...
“You see it. Hugh… you don’t realize how important Hugh is to our entire structure: to be able to slow everything down, set everything up, keep everyone composed, bring everyone together in the huddles. He’s really a good on-court leader, and that’s probably attribute to this team. And we really did miss that today. It’s going to be a process with the young guys. We got a lot of inexperienced guys, and it’s just something we need to learn from.”
On adjusting to the absence of Greenwood…
“We just needed to come out there with a different mindset. We just came out sloppy. We need to come out with a killer instinct and the chip on the shoulder that we usually do.”
On dealing with expectations set for the team...
“It’s possible. As I said last time, we have our own expectations, and I didn’t think we were quite there yet, and we’re still not there yet. But I think the expectations were based on what we can become, and moving forward that needs to be our goal, because we can and we should have those expectation moving forward by the end of the season as to what we can do.”
On how today’s result affected those expectations...
“I think today was a good wake-up call, especially in that aspect of where exactly we are at. I think we can be a very good basketball team, and I think today should add experience with how we should open the game and how we finish the game. And I think those are two of the biggest things we need to work on moving forward.”