Post Game Quotes: New Mexico 80, Grand Canyon 68
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  12/23/2013
Alex Kirk Quotes:
On getting scoring from other players besides he, Cam and Kendall:
That’s going to be the key to the rest of the year, I think that teams are gonna key on one of us or key on both of us.  If (shooting) just keeps getting better they’re not going to be able to trap me and Cam, so that’s the key to the thing, if we can start opening that up, we can really really go to work down low. 
On if the last few games were frustrating personally:
Yeah I’ve been getting frustrated, I don’t the ability to take the ball like Cam does. My shots haven’t really been falling, yeah so overall I’ve been playing kind of terrible. I mean we had a couple struggles there...if i was able to put some production in I think we would’ve won a couple games, that’s what it is and we’ve moved on. We had a big win at Marquette, and I didn’t do anything so... I mean just guard down low and when I can get mine I’ll get mine, if I can’t that’s fine, I’ll take the W. 
On having a 12-day break between games:
I think rest will definitely be key, kind of just mentally sit down and rest a little bit, I’ll be fine. I think it’s really nice, last year we lost to South Dakota State and Nate Walters so... It just kind of felt like crap a little bit, I mean there a really good team don’t get me wrong, a loss is a loss. We hit our bumps in the road, I think we’re in a good place now, it’s a long conference and just getting some rest and coming back out enthused to play, we’re back to back Mountain West Champions, there’s not much better than that.
On Deshawn Delaney:
I think DD’s played really really well. I think I made a comment the other day, that he’s a pretty good rebounder. He comes out in the Marquette game going against kids that are equally as athletic as him, but probably stronger than him, and he goes out there and had 10, 11 boards, which is huge. If we can just keep him going he’ll be a really good player. 
Kendall Williams
On sharing the ball: 
“Yeah, I always like when we share the ball. I think this team is built on unselfishness and  a lot of talent so I like when we’re able to play like this especially against an opponent we’re supposed to beat. You know we probably didn’t take care of business all the way through on the defensive end but offensively there’s not too many complaints on how we played on that side of the ball.”
On Demetrius and playing a former teammate: 
“It’s fine for me, I’m blessed to still be in The Pit and he knows how privileged he was to play here. I don’t think the entire Pit probably gave him the ovation he deserved. D helped us win championships. At the end of the day he’s a good guy. I know it’s just part of the game, I have a lot of respect for him and I’m glad I got the chance to play him. I’m really happy we beat them.”
On what they said before the game (PG Version): 
“Yeah, what we said was the PG version. We didn’t get too crazy with it. We’re good friends, we try and block out all the extra stuff. He didn’t talk too much trash, he did just to poke at us. But he’s a good guy and we had fun with it. He tried to come in and play good game and he didn’t hit all the shots. But it’s a tough situation to come back but I’m happy that he’s, like Frank said, graduating and playing well on a new team. So I couldn’t be happier for him.”
On back to back games on big 3 scorers: 
“I think it’s a little bit of everything. It starts with patience and it was a matter of time until we figured that out. I’m very excited of the production we’re getting from both of those players. Kind of the situation of how the whole team is shaping up. We have some good guys coming off the bench now. A good rotation and once we get Greenwood back it’s really going to boost us that much further. Those two guys have came in and really played their butts off and have been really productive. We’ve been patient, we’ve been vocal with these guys. They’re both new guys and we’ve been showing them confidence and they’ve been having confidence on the floor. So I’m very happy with what they’ve been doing.”