Post Game Quotes: (RV/--) New Mexico 84, Boise State 75
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  01/21/2014
Opening Statement: "I'll start off with I think we beat an excellent basketball team tonight. I think they are very dangerous, they have a lot of pieces. They can make a lot of shots and they come at you like waves. And I think we beat an excellent basketball team tonight and I'm really proud of our guys. I think our guys came out in the last two games out with that fire and competitive nature that they've always had here. And I thought all our new guys are fitting their roles well. I've kind of got a substitution pattern going so they know when they're gonna play, when they're not gonna play. I think it's good for our veterans because they know when they're going to get rest. It's very important that we get Alex and Cameron rest and Hugh and Kendall. And I think that's very important with us resting Kendall, similar to what we did at Colorado State last year so he's fresh for the second half. And I thought that's been key for us. I thought everybody contributed, I thought we were really good in the first half, holding Drmic and Elorriaga at zero points in the first half. I thought it was just a terrific effort and I told my guys that I'm really proud of how they bounced back from the UNLV loss. We're just trying to continue to get better as a team and our team has showed signs of it. I think everybody has. So I'm really excited."
On Cherry blazer and big night: "I didn't want to get beat at home again. No but it's always been important here, I didn't say much about it but I'll continue to do it. I was excited to wear it and it worked pretty good for a win."
On how much Hugh is helping: "We've always expected that, when we started the season, for him to shoot that well. And I think he's been so instrumental in trying to get our team together and chemistry-wise and he's passed up shots in the past but I think he played really free tonight. I think he played the way I envision him playing. I think he can make shots like that, so I'm really happy for him especially coming from a right wrist injury. But he was terrific tonight and made some big shots."
On competitive edge and being resparked: "Maybe I shouldn't say that they lost it I just think that they didn't come out with the excitement and really really pushing and really playing from the start of the game. I thought it really took us awhile going in starts of our games. And I talked to them about it, we met on it and I showed them the tape and told them this is what I see, and the tape never lies. The bottom line is I got great kids. I got very fierce competitors, I've got guys that have been winners since they've been here. But I wanted them to see that you've gotta keep pushing and keep pushing and they've really done that the past two games and I'm very proud of them. I thought tonight they got off to a great start and they really didn't have an answer for us in the first half."
On three-point line and defense with Cam guarding a guard: "That's for all of you experts to talk about Cam guarding a guard. I think they've figured out that they haven't beat us in five attempts. And to play us you have to play big big because you have to guard us. But they've got terrific ball club and I think he's a great coach, I've got a lot of respect for him. And they forced us to play well. But I was surprised. I think most teams have been trying to matchup with us because they've seen our success."
On second half chipping away: "I think guys make shots and guys make plays I thought that was big. I think the games that we've struggled, that we've lost. That we didn't make plays when we needed to make plays and teams were making come backs, we were down two points and hadthree possessions. We couldn't make that shot to get over the hump and I think we did that tonight. We were very fortunate, we made some plays and guys made plays to keep it going. Especially when it was cut to six. We made a three. And then we had some other plays that happened after that but I think we had guys step up."