Post Game Quotes
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  01/02/2012

Jan. 2, 2012

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UNM Head Coach Yvonne Sanchez

Opening statement

"I thought we really executed well. I thought the New Mexico State game was a very good game for us to prepare for this one, and we started off well. The second half we kept our foot down, the subs came in and did a nice job. It was a good team effort."

On getting a couple of wins under their belts

It's good because conference play is tough. You know the first month, we have a tough month, going up to Boise. Boise is very good and I know they were picked last (but) they never should have been and I knew how good they were. They have a great coach and a very good team. They are the conference's leading scorer and we are number one in scoring defense, so what's the old saying `Something's gotta give?' This was a good prep game for Boise because they are a very good team and they are deep, and we are gonna go up there and battle."

On Deeva Vaughan

"She's getting a lot of confidence. You know what ever could have gone wrong for her the first two months, went wrong. After the concussion she felt a little more comfortable fitting in, and then Arizona hits and boy she was good. So Jourdan goes out at Christmas break and Deeva comes in, and she's just feeling confident know. It's good to see. It's a good trade-off, and we are looking forward to Jourdan coming back."

On the confidence of the team

"Overall it's good. Everyone is feeling relatively healthy. We still have some things to do to preserve a couple of kids. They are really having fun playing. You know from a coaches perspective we still need to box out better and I thought we had too many turnovers."

"You can see it now it's second nature, it's not like it's robotic. It's like they are moving the ball around...Nikki got a couple of threes in our Lobo break, and the posts were very confident in the post. They are starting to get a feel for each other."

Senior guard Nikki Nelson

On if she was feeling it after going 5-5 (4-4 on threes)

"Yeah thankfully I was. It was nice."

On the team's preparation

"I was so happy. It felt like everything clicked. We were all working together passing the ball and it was fun. It was really fun."

On seeing a couple of wins in a row

"It's refreshing. Our team has lost a lot of close games and after a while it gets a little bit frustrating, so it's been really refreshing to win. It feels good (laughing)

On starting 9-for-11 as a team from three

"I feel like our team was on fire. They were a good team though. We let a few of them go off shooting-wise. They are a good team and they played hard, I just think our team was feeling it tonight."

Senior forward Porche Torrance

On her play in the high post

"I feel comfortable passing, sometimes I overpass the ball (coach) tells me. I just know if I have it up top high-low always works. I like to work with the post, so Deeva was open she had a good lob (position) so I just lobbed it to her and she finished."

On having a couple of wins under their belts

"It feels really good. Like Nikki said we lost some tough games by two or three points and it gets frustrating. You are either up the whole game, or you are down, you comeback and hustle and it's like, you lose. I think that those games are really going to help us out in conference, so hopefully we can carry over and learn from those experiences.