New Mexico vs. Sam Houston State Postgame Quotes
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  09/24/2011

Sept. 24, 2011

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New Mexico Head Coach Mike Locksley Quotes

On the decision to kick a field goal in overtime

"When we got down there we took three shots at it. I felt like our defense the last couple of series got us the ball back that we'd be able to at least hold them to a field goal."

On what was said to the team afterwards

"It was unacceptable to lose that game; unacceptable. Unacceptable to our fans, it's unacceptable to all our supporters, and we have to look really deep within ourselves. This upcoming week, we have a tough game against our in-state rival. It was unacceptable what happened out there today.

On if B.R. Holbrook should now be the starter

"I don't want to make a decision while I'm emotional right now. I think B.R. played well, he kept us in the game. I thought that we've showed a little more resiliency this season. We fought back from being down, and obviously B.R. was the guy who was out there, but that's not a decision I am prepared to make right now."

On Deon Long's MW record night

"Deon Long is a superb player, he is a competitor. We need to continue to find guys like that on the defensive side, special teams, and up front. It's going to take efforts like that to get this thing turned around."

If the loss is something that is beating down his team

"It's going to challenge us. I'm looking forward to Monday to see what type of team we are. Obviously, we are as low as it can get. To lose at home to a team that we were better than is unacceptable, and this will challenge us. And we are going to find out. But as I said before, nobody is going to hold their heads down because we got football left to be played. We are going to show up here Monday and see what kind of team we are. Right now, obviously, we're not a really good team. We're not doing things it takes to win ball games."

On the lack of rushing yards

"What they do on defense obviously allows you to get big plays outside. They do a lot of zero and man. We knew that we would have to throw the football to win. When they put that many in the box it's important to be able to make plays, and we finally made some plays on the outside to get us back into the game."

On the team attitude on the sidelines

"As I said before that lifelessness comes from a lack of confidence and that's where we are a program. We had a team come in, a ranked team in their division, winner of two games, they're very confident. And our team didn't play. As long as they stayed in it I thought we continued to struggle. But then when we made plays, the momentum plays that we talked about, then you see the momentum picked up. That's the signs of an immature team. Good teams play no matter what. And we're not there yet."

On inserting B.R. into the game

"That's a coach's decision. Obviously, I thought we were struggling on offense, I thought that we needed a jump start. I knew we were struggling defensively and eating up a lot of clock and I knew we would have to throw the football. B.R. is the guy who throws the ball well and he came in and gave us a chance to win the game."

New Mexico safety Bubba Forrest

On the atmosphere in locker room

"Dead, everyone is quiet, almost in shock."

On why the team played poorly

"The team has not responded very well to adversity. At team meeting we talked about that. As far as captains, they stepped up and will lead.

On why a team meeting was called

"A few seniors and the captains felt that after last game's loss, we felt like we needed to have that in order to address some of the problems from last game."

On losing what was termed a must-win game

"As a team we felt confident, but as it turns out we couldn't get it done. We needed this win to turn the season around for our team."

On next week's New Mexico State game

"We need to take it one step at a time, and as our in-state rivalry we get pretty hyped up so we will see how that game goes next week."

New Mexico quarterback B.R. Holbrook

On why the team played bad

"I thought our offense played lights out along with our defense. Our special teams played well and even though our execution was off, it gives me hope for next game that we'll get our act together and play well against New Mexico State."

Sam Houston State Head Coach Willie Fritz

"It was a hard fought game, but at this point I don't think we played well, compared to our first three games."

"We've been playing really well on offense and with our kicking game and it certainly wasn't a good way to start the game with a 98-yard touchdown return. We also had too many guys open up top, but I think our offense really came of age."

"I can't say enough about our offensive staff and the play calling. We got the ball in the right people's hands, and we were able to mix it up with just enough passes to keep them honest and not pack up the box. We have a great running back--he's a great player, and there are not many running backs that are better than that guy (Running back Tm Flanders). I think he's the best. It was a great job by the offense. I think they carried us tonight. Sometimes it happens in football where one phase of the ball has to carry the other one. "

"Offensive play was big this game, between the two teams there were 1,075 yards of offense."

"There was definitely a lot of offense and each team was doing it a different way. New Mexico was doing it by the pass and we were doing it by the run. I felt good about it when we held them to a field goal in overtime."

On dealing with UNM's Deon Long

"He's a good football player, that's something we saw on tape. I believe his kickoff return was the first I've ever had, so it was a great job by him. He hit it running and we had some guys that didn't fit where they needed to and that was an outstanding first play. We have good corners and all of a sudden the wheels came off and they started going in all kinds of different directions and they didn't play with the confidence that they've played with the first three games. We have to get them playing back at a high level, because they're very good. However, Deon Long is a quality wide receiver."

Sam Houston Quarterback Brian Bell

On how the game went

"Offensively we struggled at the beginning with getting things started, and the kickoff being taken to the house was a lot of momentum for New Mexico. Offensively we stayed positive and played our game. We didn't focus on the scoreboard; we just tried to take every opportunity that we had."

On playing up a level

"We didn't look at New Mexico as a Division I (FBS) team, and even if we did, we just would have played harder. We did not shy away from this game one bit, through preparations this week and even from day one we were excited for the game against the Lobos. This is a big win for us. I love every one of the players on this team."

On going to overtime

"Excited -- as a college football player you live for overtime. It's not like the team hadn't been in that situation before so we just wanted to go in there and score some more points."

Sam Houston Running Back Tim Flanders

Overall game for him

"It went pretty good. I knew coming out of halftime that I left some plays out there, but we all had a good game. There are some things that I still need to work on, but overall as an offense we did well."

On how he felt coming into the game

"We didn't feel too intimidated because of the fact that they're Division I because we're Division I-AA. New Mexico has some guys that are bigger, but I redshirted at Kansas State and it's not a big difference to us. I think that they kind of underestimated us, but after coming out here and playing hard, we changed their minds."

On scoring five touchdowns

"It was crazy. They just told me that I'm the only running back to score five touchdowns in a game in Sam Houston history so that was a big deal for me."