Postgame Quotes - New Mexico vs. Air Force (Feb. 2, 2011)
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Release:  02/02/2011

Feb. 2, 2011

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Post-Game Quotes Air Force vs. UNM 2/2/2011

UNM Head Coach Don Flanagan

Opening Statement:

We had to press and we had to play four guards today, and even pressing didn't seem to work all that well, but it at least slowed Air Force down a little bit. They shot the ball very well and they drove well, they're really an aggressive team who was inspired after coming off of a big win after TCU. I thought we did okay defensively, but many times late they were able to drive on us. Not only were they able to do that, but I thought they got the shot they wanted most of the time when they were running their offense.

Amanda had a good game tonight, and we shot over 50 percent tonight which was good for us. Now we have to do a much better job of boxing out and getting the rebound.

"The win tonight wasn't very pretty, was that what Air Force forced you to do or was that the game plan?"

We didn't play a game of beauty tonight, but we have been gritty. A lot of it has to do with our offense sputtering. Sometimes it looks like we don't know what play were running, so from now on I'm going to have to try and keep it simple.

We have a lot of smart students, but what they tend to do is you tell them to run a play and they do it instead of breaking from it and just play basketball.

"There were times during the game when you were only down by four or six points, but it felt like you were down 20, what was the reason for that?"

I felt the same way, there were times during the game when I felt that they could just pull away from us, and that's happened to us before so I was concerned about that but we were able to stay in the game. I think what helped us out in the first half was our defense and in the second half it was our offense. We were able to close the gap.

"Is there an option to stay with a small lineup for the rest of the season?"

It depends on what day it is. If you saw the game at TCU you would think that Poche Torrance was the best player in the conference, but kids go up and down and that makes it hard for me. I have to try and figure out what they will play like for a game. Instead of going into a game with a plan in mind, I start the game and figure things out as I go.

UNM Players Amanda Best and Jessica Kielpinski

"Tonight wasn't a pretty game, but at this point a win is a win right?"

Best: "We're just happy with this win, our offense was very stagnant tonight."

"How do you feel that you have to change the tempo of the games?"

Best: "I think when we got the lead it made us talk a lot more on defense. We were switching on the screens and helping each other a lot which led to us being able to push the ball down the floor and speed things up."

"Did pressing Air Force really change the tempo of the game?"

Kielpinski: "It seemed like it did from the bench. They were talking a lot more and I could feel the intensity rise, everybody stepped it up."

Air Force Head Coach Andrea Williams

Head Coach Andrea Williams on the overall game

I'm just very disappointed. We were in cruise control. I thought we should've been at the free-throw line a little bit more. That's a tough one to swallow when your kids did a lot of things right, especially coming in here to The Pit.