Senior Justin Colburn
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  11/18/2003

Nov. 18, 2003

Senior Quick Tackle Justin Colburn

Question: Congratulations. How excited are you about nailing down a bowl game?

Justin Colburn: "Very excited. We aren't done yet though. We still have one more game to decide where we are going. We'll decide where we are going hopefully if Utah loses. We need to pray for that. We still have conference championship hopes and we just have to win this game, focus on Wyoming and let the rest take care of itself."

Q: Have you played in the cold weather and snow like what you'll likely see on Saturday before?

JC: "I have played in the snow a couple times. Actually, in high school I played in a foot and a half one time. It was a sloppy mess, but it makes for a good running game."

Q: Your strength is running the football and their weakness is stopping the run - do you think you guys could have a big game?

JC: "It's going to be a good match up for us, especially if the weather is real bad because it's hard to pass in bad weather. It'll make it a fun game for the offensive linemen since we love to run the football."

Q: This team is running the ball well, possibly better than it ever has before. What is the secret? Is it Jason Lenzmeier coming back or is it everyone being healthy?

JC: "I think it's assignment execution. We're getting a game plan and not making mistakes right now. Our penalties are down and our turnovers are down. The main thing for the line is everyone is working together to not make mistakes."

Q: How about DonTrell Moore, the way he has been running, he credits you guys but do you credit him?

JC: "Oh yeah. He is an outstanding back. We open the holes and he hits them, especially lately. If there's a guy in the hole, he'll make him miss. He gets six or seven yards every time he touches the ball and that makes us as an offensive line want to work harder for him."