Quotes From The Tucanos Media Luncheon
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  09/22/2009
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics

Sept. 22, 2009

Lobo TV Press Conference Video

Head Coach Mike Locksley

"We've got a really important game coming up this Saturday. It's important for two reasons. One, because it's our next game and two, because it's a rivalry game. This is my first opportunity to be a part of this rivalry. Having been at some places with some big rivalries I understand what rivalries are all about and I embrace this one. This one is really important in that you've only got two teams here in this state and with rivalries you can throw the records out the window. I know that (New Mexico State head coach) Dwayne Walker is going to have his team coming up here ready to play hard and give great effort, and it's going to be my job to have our team ready to do the same."

(on the UNM quarterback situation)
"As of right now both quarterbacks (Donovan Porterie and B.R. Holbrook) will play. Who will start will be determined throughout the course of the week as we continue to shape our game plans. Depending on how we decide to attack will be part of the decision on who starts, but both guys will play."

(on which QB has the advantage heading into this week of practice)
"They both have taken first team reps and are both getting enough work that both are prepared to play. Again, I've been a part of quarterback systems before. This isn't the NFL where one guy has to play and the other guy doesn't have enough reps to be ready. We'll have both quarterbacks ready to play and whichever guy separates himself will have the opportunity to get the brunt of the work (on gameday)."

(on his primary concern and focus this week)
"Turnovers. Creating turnovers and limiting turnovers. You want to put your finger on why those scores have been the way they have been (in the Lobos' first three games), that's a direct byproduct of us turning the football over and not creating enough turnovers. I've said it all along, we have a recipe for winning. It's preparation, it's playing hard, and our players do that week in and week out. But, the execution and the discipline of not beating ourselves is what we haven't mastered yet. Again, I'm here to work, I take responsibility and ownership for having my team understand the importance of that, and we're going to continue to work to have that corrected."

(on the pressure of continuing New Mexico's six-game winning streak against NMSU)
"The pressure is there because we need to win. The pressure of six straight, seven straight, whatever it is, that's not pressure to me. The pressure to me is that we have an important game coming up and we need to win bad. Not just for our football team, but for our fans who've stuck with us, for our administration, for everybody involved in this program. A win is a cure for the frustration we all feel."

(on the pressures of being a head coach in tough times)
"I know we're going to get to where we want to go. This isn't my first rodeo of going through tough times. I've been through the losses, I understand they're going to make us better. We're going to get this ship righted. In the long run I have enough faith in my abilities as a head coach, in my assistant coaches, and the team, that we're going to get it corrected. I'm very confident about that."

"I embraced [the pressure] from day one. I had a very short honeymoon and you know what, I love it. This is what I envisioned being a head coach was all about. I've had a chance to watch one of the best head coaches (Ron Zook), in my mind, going through, living in fishbowls, and he opened up the doors to have me at least experience it. Being an offensive coordinator I only had to deal with one side of it if the offense wasn't doing well. I'm taking all three hits now. I love a challenge. My whole life has been based on overcoming challenges. This is another challenge and I'm excited about the opportunity to coach the Lobos and I'm gonna get this ship right."

(on the running back situation)
"Right now James Wright's workload is going to increase. Demond Dennis will continue to play for us and with A.J. Butler we have three guys that we think can do some things well and do some things better than each other. I think what Wright was able to do last week, and with the way he's gone about his business in practice, with his effort, and with all the things that we want as a coaching staff, he's earned the right to see his workload increase."