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Release:  06/05/2008

June 5, 2008

The Lobo volleyball team will have a different player blog each day during our trip to Argentina. Check back each day to see what we are doing. Look for our trip photo gallery about a week after we get back to the States.

June 5 - Junior right-side hitter Rose Morris

TANGO DAY!!! The entire trip, my team and I have been looking forward to seeing the tango show. Finally, today was the day.

The morning, for me, started off with waking up to meet Jeanne, Allie, and my mom, Jaymi, for breakfast. Breakfast was quaint as usual, not the eggs, bacon, pancakes etc., etc., that we are used to in the U.S. Next the four of us were off to a street called Florida. The street is full of stores, restaurants, and bakeries.

Bakeries are one of the highlights of the trip. While everyone was on the bus late one night, somehow the topic of a "pub crawl" came up. As tired as we were the topic soon became silly and my mom and I decided that the next day was the official start of the Argentina Pastry Crawl 2008. Every restaurant, convenience store, or any place that sells anything for that matter, sells pastries. They are the best croissants, cookies, donuts, etc. that you can imagine. Everyday since we have stopped for pastries and most of the team has gotten into it as well. It's a lot of fun!! T-shirts will soon be available. Order yours now.

After walking around Florida Street, the team met up again at the hotel to go to lunch before our afternoon match. It was the usual Argentina restaurant with bread on the table and a salad that consisted of lettuce, tomatoes, carrots and balsamic vinegar. We all had pasta and went back to the hotel to wait for our bus to pick us up and go to the gym.

Waiting ten minutes turned into thirty which ended up turning into an hour before the bus came. There was some scheduling mix-up. When the bus did come, we loaded up and headed to pick up our opponents, the Argentina Junior National Team. The team greeted us with "Hola, chicas!!" as they got on the bus. Then we were all off to the gym. After quite a scary bus ride we got to the nicest gym we have played in all trip. It was an International American high school, Lincoln, that seemed to be funded very well. We all warmed up and started the game a little behind schedule. Our team had a bit of a slow start in the first game and we ended up losing, 25-23. The next game we came back and won, 25-23, only to lose the third game, 25-17. We knew that we had to win game four if we wanted to win the match, so we made some adjustments and ended up winning, 25-18. Game five always has the most pressure, and is the most fun. We started the game by digging ourselves into a five-point deficit. We were determined to win our last game in Argentina, and Allie stepped up and made some key blocks that got us back into the game, along with others serving tough. We won game five, 16-14, and were happy to end on a win. It wasn't always pretty, but it was a win. Next we got back on the bus, dropped the Argentina players off, and sped back to the hotel to get ready for Tango!

We weren't sure that we would make it to the tango show because we started off behind schedule, then played a match that lasted a long time because we went to five. We all had about thirty minutes to get ready and dressed up before we absolutely, last minute, had to leave. Everyone got done on time and we hurried to the show. Before the show was a very nice dinner. Every person got to pick an appetizer, main course and dessert. The food was great and the service made it even better. Soon the show began. The men were the quintessential "latin-esque" men. Slicked back, long dark hair, tall and manly. The women had flowing dresses, and sparkle red lipstick. Everything seemed to have some sort of sparkle on it. The show was amazing and the dancers were very talented. The grand finale was the main dancer coming on stage in a "Brittany Spears meets Cher" outfit. It was a full skin toned body suit with sequence and jewels covering her in places you wouldn't normally find them. The only other thing she had covering her was long white fur strands covering apparently her most scared part of her body, her shins (boots with the fur!)! Somehow she missed the memo on what parts are actually important to cover up!!

The view of the river and the glow of the city lights made the experience that much better. The show was fantastic as is this trip. I will be sad to leave such an amazing country! Ciao, Argentina!!!

We'll see you tomorrow!


June 5 vs. Argentina Junior National Team
UNM d. Argentina, 23-25, 25-23, 17-25, 25-18, 16-14

Saturday, August 22
7:00 PM - 
vs. Alumnae (Exhibition)
Friday, August 28
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