New Mexico vs. Southern University - Postgame Quotes
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  09/01/2012

Sept. 1, 2012

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Head Coach Bob Davie

Opening Statement

"1-0. That was about the longest football game I've ever been in. That first half I didn't think would ever end. But first of all, I just told our players not to get ahead of ourselves. But the potential of this program...You look at the ways this stadium looked when we walked in there today. The ways those stands looked behind our bench and the fact that nobody left. To me it was a big time atmosphere. And I appreciate that. It's 3 o'clock in the afternoon, it's a hot day and the fans turned out. It was impressive. It was an impressive atmosphere.

I imagine the Southern band was pretty good. But they weren't as good as that Lobo band playing that fight song at the end of the day. I appreciate everybody. It certainly shows the potential of the program.

As far as the game: The first half of football, our whole goal-and you've heard me talk-no self-inflicted mistakes. We played the first half (and) we had one call, one penalty in the first half-five men in the backfield. We had one busted defense on a corner fire. We had a young guy in there at outside linebacker that busted the call that hit the tight end down the seam. But that's a pretty good first half of football; I don't care who you're playing. Because the first game of the year, you're really playing yourself. So I was really proud with two new systems and an all-new kicking game that we were able to go out there, force three turnovers in the first half, scored on defense, ran a kickoff back for a touchdown, didn't punt, (and) had one penalty on offense. I didn't think we had a turnover for the day. I don't think we turned the ball over.

In the second half, again, you can see our depth situation. We played a lot of guys. We played the third center in there at the end where it got sloppy. But it's better than keeping LaMar Bratton and Dillon Farrell in there and risking injury at the end of the game. Josh Baggett was put in a tough situation going in there with the shotgun snaps. If we had to do it over again, we'd probably put him under center. But Cranston Jones, a young freshman, intercepts a ball and takes it for a touchdown. David Anaya's got his hands on the ball and made some plays. So you couldn't draw it up much better.

I know it was a tough week for Southern with Hurricane Isaac. They miss some practice. They had a tough week. So this was a tough game for them.

But I couldn't be more proud of our guys. We all know what's coming in the next few weeks, but we're going to enjoy this one tonight. I thought it was a pretty clean game for the first game of the year. We never punted the ball. We gave up one kickoff return-which was disappointing."

On freshman Cole Gautsche's performance in his first collegiate game...

"Cole is very smart and he's a great leader. He's strong. He's really a good option quarterback. I'm glad Edling bailed him out on the boot pass where the young freshman tight end one-handed it, so he did complete a pass. He does have to improve in the passing game, as we know, but he's a weapon. You talk about a true freshman walking out there, with the composure he had. He made a lot of check. I think he played really well."

On seeing such a dominating win...

"Well I hadn't seen one either. It's been ten years. Of course, I didn't see a loss either over ten years. I talked to them about just acting like a 1-0 football team tonight and go out and represent this football team that's 1-0. Half the teams in the country are 0-1 right now-half of the teams in the country, a 120 some teams. We're one of those teams that's 1-0. So enjoy it. Be smart. I think we proved to some people in the first half of this game that you were a disciplined football team by the way you played."

On the running backs...

"Tough guy. Tough. Demarcus Rogers is a tough, tough guy. And Casey Carrier is really talented and he'll be back. But Demarcus Rogers is tough. He popped that hamstring out at practice before we went to Ruidoso. He took some licks today. I really like him. He's a physical back. I think Jhurell Pressley, you could see with his hands on the ball he's a pretty stout guy. You look at getting Casey back, and it's pretty exciting."

Linebacker Joe Stoner

On getting the win

"It feels great to get the first win of the season. It sets the tone for the rest of the season. We know who we have next and it's not going to be easy. We proved today that we can play solid as a team."

On defense

"It speaks to the discipline that head coach Bob Davie has installed around here. There are no foolish mistakes - that's one of our keys to win the game. If our defense jumps offsides or grabs a facemask, it puts our team into a bigger hole. We didn't want to beat ourselves. Lobos don't beat the Lobos."

Quarterback Cole Gautsche

On overall experience

"It was a great experience, especially getting out there to get the 'W.' It was a really great experience."

On playing in college

"The speed is different. It is so much faster. Since I got here in the spring, I was able to get used to it a little bit. It is still a lot faster."

On playing time

"I thought I would only get a few snaps. I ended up getting a lot more playing time than I originally expected."

Southern Head Coach Lyvonia "Stump" Mitchell

On losing practice time and not knowing what to expect

"Offensively we dropped too many balls. We had things going, especially on a couple third down but we just weren't able to capitalize. They (UNM) had a little bit to do with it but I think we had more to do with it. You just have to catch the football and we didn't do that today."

On the delay of game penalties

"We had so many people injured or cramping up that I didn't know who was in and who was out of the game. I was calling personnel and we didn't have that particular personnel in. We as coaches didn't know the guys were down and that is some information that we need to get from the trainers. It was not something that was on the quarterbacks, it was on me."

On lessons learned from this game

"We knew it was going to be tough for us defensively. I just thought it could be more of a shoot-out. I thought if it boiled down to us having the opportunity to kick a field goal that Pittman had the leg to do it. He missed his first PAT and that ball was right down the middle of the field and I didn't expect that. I didn't anticipate us having the turnovers that we did. That killed us and put defense in a bad spot."

On what they can build from this game

"Offensively we have the guys that are capable of scoring. The missed practices hurt us more than anything. We see that we can have a good team we just need to improve every week."