SDSU vs.UNM Post-Game Quotes
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  02/15/2011

Feb. 15, 2011

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UNM Head Coach Don Flanagan

Opening Statement:

"We did a couple of things poorly tonight and one of them was shooting. We went 6-27 (22%) in the first half and 8-35 (22%) in the second half. I thought the team that was the most aggressive won the game. They really hit the boards hard, they posted up harder than we did, and on top of that, we didn't shoot. When you're an aggressive team you go to the free-throw line more. I've never seen San Diego State more aggressive than today, when you watch them on tape they normally don't play that hard, but they seemed to have put it together.

I didn't like the fact that we couldn't stop them inside, they had a few scorers on the inside that I thought with a better effort, we could have stopped; San Diego was only 1-13 from the three. You can't give them second chance opportunities. They were more physical tonight. When you turn the ball over against them they turn around and score and that hurt us.

On the plus side, we battled, we didn't give up. They managed to take us out of our offense by switching on screens, and their big players were quick enough to switch on our littles, but poor shooting and not being able to rebound were probably the biggest things that killed us."

Talk about the drop-off between the game against Colorado State and tonight.

"It is disappointing. We shot so well last game to tonight, turn around and shoot like we've shot in the past. Really, we're not getting a lot inside and that's where your highest percentage shots are, nor are we getting enough offensive boards.

We didn't drive particularly well. I thought there were many opportunities to take a charge on them because they were so physical and so aggressive, and I couldn't get the team to do it. I wanted to get t10 shoes in the paint when the ball went inside, and I just couldn't get them to do that. They (SDSU) played harder than we did, and that's what happens when you let someone come into your building and play harder than you; you're probably going to get beat."

Have you ever had a team that was more Dr. Jeykll and Mr.Hyde?

"I attribute a lot of it to youth. We were supposed to go under ball screens and some of our freshman ran right smack into screens time after time. Usually the light bulb goes off after you get hit with four or five of those screens. It was supposed to be body and under and we didn't do it.

This team will continue to learn and play hard, I think some of them are really going to be fine players by the end of the season. I'm hoping that we treat this as a rebuilding year and get better. I'm looking at that and never giving up, but we have to get better and we have to play harder. I'm not sure that everybody on the team is ready for the kind of physical play that we have in the league."

UNM Players

On UNM's inconsistency this season

Jessica Kielpinski- "We're just up and down. We show up for one game. Tonight we just didn't show up and we didn't play to the best of our abilities. We weren't hitting shots and we weren't playing as hard as we did against Colorado State."

Comparing this loss to Saturday's big win over Colorado State

Morgan Toben- "I think it's hard to take because we shot so well against CSU and this game we only shot 22 percent in both halves. It's a bummer, but we have to focus on our shots and we need to follow through and keep our heads in it."

On coach saying the team sometimes doesn't play tough

Kielpinski- "I'll say I didn't play as tough as I could have. I think coach means we need to go all-out and not let them post up, stop them-war zone the post. We didn't do that tonight. Against Colorado State we played awesome because we were doing that every single time down the floor. We did it have the time and played tough half the time tonight. We need to play tough all the time.

"I do feel like we got pushed around tonight. They posted up hard and their inside game was awesome and ours was lacking. I would definitely say that they played harder than us."

Toben - "I think they played really physical. We kind of knew coming into this game that they were going to play really physical and I just don't think we battled hard enough. When people come into our place, they shouldn't be able to push us around we should knock them around."

Can the lapses in toughness be attributed to the youth of the team

Kielpinski- "I would say youth is a little part of it, but at the same time I would say the upperclassmen did the same thing tonight. We weren't showing our toughness." On how UNM stacks up in the Mountain West Conference in light of the inconsistent play and results

Toben- "I think it is sometimes hard to have confidence, but coach emphasizes having positive self-talk. You have to believe in yourself and believe in the team and that we can do it together." On SDSU hitting 1-of-13 three-pointers and UNM still being anxious to get out on their shooters

Toben - "Their inside game was really good and they were hitting a lot of inside shots and throwing the ball inside almost every single possession. I think the guards were kind of cushioning off the outside players a little bit to try to help out the posts because their posts were really dominant tonight."