Sophomore DonTrell Moore
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  09/30/2003

Sept. 30, 2003

Sophomore Running Back DonTrell Moore

Question: How are you feeling right now and how close are you to being 100 percent?

DonTrell Moore: "I am getting there. Time will tell. It's not my ankle anymore, it's my foot. It's the bone and the only way for a bone to get better is to rest it, and in this business you don't get to rest it. I just have to wrap it up and give it my all and it will be 100 percent before too long."

Q: Were you surprised you didn't get much of a break Saturday?

DM: "I wasn't surprised. All of us prepared back in the summer to take on whatever role is called upon us to do. Things were rolling and there was a comfort level and it is hard to just change things like that in the second half."

Q: Talking about comfort level, how much adjustment is it going from A quarterback to B quarterback?

DM: "With those two, it's not really hard. Both of them, their demeanor is awesome in the huddle. They both exuberate a lot of confidence, a lot of leadership qualities. Casey (Kelly) is a great quarterback. He is more than a formidable teammate for us and whenever he is in there, we follow his lead. And when Kole (McKamey) is in there, we follow his lead. All those guys prepare so when their number is called, they can lead us in the right way. And Kole was able to do that. Whoever is at the helm, we will follow them. Whoever is in there, Casey, Kole or Tali (Ena), all three of them are more than capable or they wouldn't be here. It wasn't a scary thing. We were like, 'okay, Kole is going to lead us now, we're going to follow him and get the job done,' and we did."

Q: Is there a carry over from last year's game against Utah State to this year?

DM: "Just a little bit. It was a devastating loss last year and now we get them at home. But it's just another chance to get better and that's the way we have to look at it. They're going to be a good team and they're not afraid to play anybody. We have to come out this week in practice and prepare so we can get two wins in a row, and have confidence and momentum going into the bye week."

Q: Coach says they are much better on defense this year. Have you had a chance to see that yet?

DM: "We will start watching the film this week and evaluating them. I think more importantly we have to evaluate ourselves, go back to the drawing board, do what we do best and perfect it, and we will be okay."