Quotes From the Tucanos Media Luncheon
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  11/16/2004
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics

Nov. 16, 2004

Head Coach Rocky Long

Do you know of any plans concerning bowl games?

"No, I don't know of any plans. When you become bowl eligible you start trying to find out as much information as possible. It looks like the Pac-10 is not going to be able to fill two or three bowls. The Big XII is not going to be able to fill two or three bowls and there's going to be more open spots than there has been in the past. So it's possible that more teams will be in bowl games."

If you win on Saturday against Wyoming, do you see yourself not going to a Mountain West Conference related bowl?

"I think if we win Saturday, I don't think we will have a choice. We'll go to a Mountain West Conference Bowl."

So you're saying if you don't win there is a possibility you will go to a non-MWC Bowl?

"I think there's chances you can go somewhere else, but I don't think it's for sure by any means because there would be a lot of people after those spots. Other conferences besides ours would be interested in those spots. Three years ago we were eligible and there were only a couple of those spots open and we tried to bid for the Humanitarian Bowl and we got out bid by Clemson. So when you start hunting for those open spots in bowls, it becomes a bidding game."

Do you think the players have gotten more confident in the last three years?

"I think it has been a gradual thing, but I think we believe we can win. Three years ago when we won at BYU it was exciting, but our players were sort of shocked that we were able to win at BYU against BYU. This year I did not see one nervous guy walk in that locker room. I didn't see one wide-eyed guy walk in that locker room. These guys knew they could win this game, and I think that helps, when your team expects and knows they can win. It was a big deal that we won up there, but it wasn't unexpected and it wasn't a surprise."

How would you compare this Wyoming quarterback (Corey Bramlett) with his brother (Casey Bramlett)?

"He compares very well with his brother. I think he is a better scrambler and gets out of trouble faster. He is not as experienced, so he doesn't make some of the throws his older brother did last year. He might not have quite as strong an arm as his brother did, but with the defense we play, he probably gives them a better chance to beat us than his brother did. His brother had trouble getting out of trouble. I think his mobility gives him a better chance."

Could you talk about the senior class as a group?

"Most of them have been here a long time, so they have been involved in the whole process of building a team. Some of them have been critical to our success on the field and I think all of them have been critical to us getting better. I mean one of the best stories that we have is Bryan Humphreys. He walked on from Highland High School and he has been around here for five years and earned a scholarship (last summer). He has always been a backup and he is only a backup because he works really hard and has made himself a really good football player. Then all of a sudden we have a starter that walks out on us, and we say 'okay, it's your turn,' and he is so excited and he plays really good. This senior class is just like our whole football team. They leave their egos at home and work really hard."

Which bowl game do you think you guys should go to?

"I don't know and I don't care. I'd like to be going to Memphis because that would mean we were the champions, but were not the champions. Last year, right up until the last game we had a chance to be conference champs, but were not going to be the conference champs this year - that's already been decided."

Senior Offensive Guard Bryan Humphreys

Being that it is your final home game as a senior, what type of things are going to be running through your head on Saturday?

"I am definitely going to have a big desire to win in front of the home crowd. This is probably going to be the last game of my career, besides a bowl game, so I need to stay focused and come out with a big win."

As a team, you guys have been on the road a lot lately, how has that been for you?

"For me, I have really gotten use to traveling for our games. It's no different for me. I still have to show up and be prepared to play a hard fought football game."

Even though Wyoming has qualified for a bowl game, do you think that they will come here ready to play?

"Yes, I definitely think that they are going to come here ready to play ball. They are in a similar situation as us, so a win for them would guarantee them a bowl game as well."

Do you think we have seen the Lobos reach their potential yet this season?

"No, I believe that this team still has a lot of growing to do. We still have a lot of potential and I expect that for the future they will accomplish bigger and better things."

Sophomore Quarterback Kole McKamey

Do you think that you have grown offensively since the beginning of the season?

Kole McKamey

"There is no doubt that the injuries that I suffered early on in the season affected me a little more then I really wanted them to. However, I feel more confident in my abilities and my strengths as the quarterback for this team."

How would you explain the successful season that you and Hank Baskett have had this season?

"I don't think that our relationship could be any stronger. We are as close as best friends can get. In regards to playing with him on the field, I think that it just comes down to our desire to win. We both share to each other how we can improve our own game and I think that that in turn helps the team as a whole."

How much is your defense helping the team out these past few games?

"I think that our defense has been huge for us and they are the reason why we have won these past few games. Our defense has been outstanding lately and as a quarterback I couldn't ask for anything better."

What is it about Wyoming this year that the Lobos cannot overlook this Saturday?

"This Wyoming team is much better than they have been in the past. On film they play extremely hard and I think that is one of the most important things in order to be successful."

Freshman Defensive End Michael Tuohy

How do you feel like you are playing now, in comparison to the beginning of the year?

Michael Tuohy

"I think that I'm getting a grasp on what I'm supposed to be doing out there on the field. Getting more playing time has allowed me to make more plays and contribute to this team."

Considering the fact that you are a smaller guy compared to your opponents, what runs through your mind before a play?

"I think that it's important for me to not only use the strength of my body, but it's essential for me to use my speed and quickness as well to overcome the bigger guys."

How are you approaching this game considering a bowl game is in the future for the Lobos?

"Nothing is a given, so we need to make sure that we come out of this weekend with a big win. I would like to see us go to the biggest bowl game that we can to finish up the year."