Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  08/21/2009
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics

Aug. 21, 2009


1. Georonika Jackson. Anything that Jackson sees that is purple, she wants. She writes with purple pens, has purple folders, I think she even wants purple uniforms.

2. Freshman Emily Stark recalls her first Friday night with the other freshmen. She laughed and said that they made friends after that.

3. Sara Halasz was actually born in Alabama and now lives there again. Her dad is in the military all over the world. If there is an accent, Halasz can speak it.

4. This honor goes to Porche Torrance or should I say Gumby or Peter Pan, or Tiny Tim or Mercedes or.... The list goes on and on and on.

5. Lauren Taylor holds the Brownsburg High school record for the highest freethrow percentage and the most consecutive free throws made. It wasn't uncommon her senior year to see three players on her to try to shut her down.

6. Valerie Kast went to Florida to see her sister and to relax after a tough two months of working hard and going to class.

7. This is Caroline Durbin's favorite movie. I think she might even give Forrest a close race with her speed.

8. Jessica Kielpinski had an unbelievable high school basketball career. Her team won state championship after state championship and Kielpinski was the reason why. She was named the best player in North Dakota her senior year.

9. This goes to Nikki Nelson because of her strength and stature. Although she stands at only 5'5, Nelson is the strongest on the team in the bench press and power clean and she doesn't back down from a challenge.

10. Freshman Chinyere Nnaji went to New York this summer with her family to visit relatives. I think with her athleticism she could jump to the top of the Statue of Liberty. (Ok maybe that's a little high, but she sure can jump!)

11. That would be freshman Jordan Unverzagt from St. Pius X high school in Albuquerque. Unverzagt had a stellar high school career and looks to bring that winning tradition to the Lobos.

12. This would be me, my dog is Bruegger the beagle Beggin. Bruegger's is a bagel place, that is very popular in the Midwest and on the east coast. Although he is 13 years old and graying it seems like every day, Bruegger can still run fast and catch squirrels every once in awhile.

13. You wondered why Eileen Weissmann is really so tough. Her brother is in the border patrol in San Diego. Like her brother protects the border, Weissmann protects the paint for the Lobos.

14. The players in "Remember the Titans," may have been underdogs, but they won the championship and that's what Erskine hopes to help the Lobos do. She is a tough, hard working player with lots of versatility. For Erskine, "There ain't no mountain high enough."

15. Amanda Best had the honor of playing one-on- one with the NBA great. I don't know what the result was, but I wouldn't be surprised if Best put some reverse layups and some power box drives in against the Celtic.

Congratulations, you just finished your first test of the year! There may be more to come, so in the meantime, study hard, do your homework and get ready for Lobo women's basketball! Good luck!