UNM Lobo Volleyball - Argentina 2008
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  05/31/2008

May 31, 2008

The Lobo volleyball team will have a different player blog each day during our trip to Argentina. Check back each day to see what we are doing. Pictures will become available as we get stronger internet access.

May 30 - Junior middle blocker Allie Suiter

This morning, we had time to sleep in a little bit and then ate breakfast in the hotel. We had the same choices as yesterday for food - eggs, ham, cheeses, croissants, cereal, and some fresh fruit. We all finished eating by around 10 and then went our separate ways to explore Buenos Aires. I stayed with Lisa, Amy, Mo, and Anna and we went walking down the main shopping street by our hotel, Florida Street. We shopped around for a while, searching for the store that had the best prices on the soccer jerseys that are so popular here. We went into a nice mall which even included Tiffany and Co, walked around, and then found a food court where we all ate. We enjoyed a pizza, a chicken sandwich, and some empanadas. We visited a chocolate shop after lunch and enjoyed some Argentinean treats, all of which included dulce de leche. We continued to walk around Buenos Aires and did some more looking around. We all met back at the hotel to gather our stuff and get on the bus to drive to La Boca.

It was a really short bus ride, about 20 minutes, and the bus dropped us off in the colorful neighborhood of Caminito with a lot of street vendors and shops. La Boca seemed to be a lot cheaper than the shops were in Buenos Aires, so a lot of the girls went crazy buying souvenirs and I think that almost everyone bought an Argentina sport jacket for around 85 pesos each - a very good deal! We had around an hour to stroll the streets and then we all met back at the bus to drive to the gym.

We drove past the La Boca Juniors soccer stadium which is bright yellow and the biggest building by far in that city. We arrived at the gym, which was unidentifiable from the outside like the first gym we visited. This gym was nicer, with wood floors and room for about four nets. We changed into our game stuff and began to warm up.

There was, once again, no heat in this gym, but as soon as we all got to running around it warmed up a little, but our noses were all still a little red and runny from the cold. We played a local team from La Boca and lost our first game, 25-17. It seemed like we were still a little cold and came out more ready to play in the next game. This game as much closer, but we lost it in the end with a score of 27-25. The third game we lost as well, with a score of 25-18. This team had three players from the Argentine National Team. We shook hands, no kissing cheeks this time, and changed into our clothes for dinner.

We drove about 10 minutes to a restaurant called Siga la Vaca. This restaurant is a meat buffet with a small salad bar alongside. We started to eat around 9 at night and the restaurant was very busy, not uncommon for Argentina. We were allowed a glass of wine with dinner, but most of us didn't like the taste and went for the desserts instead. There were chocolate mousses, ice cream, pancakes filled with dulce de leche, and my favorite, a fruit salad. It was a lot of fun and a great way to end our night. We finished dinner around 11:30 and got back onto our bus and drove to meet our sleeper bus, about 15 minutes away, to drive all night to Cordoba. At midnight, we transferred all of our stuff, climbed onto the double decker bus, figured out how to recline our seats, and fell asleep for the 9-hour drive.

We'll see you tomorrow!


May 30 vs. La Boca
LaBoca d. UNM, 25-17, 27-25, 25-18

Thoughts from Head Coach Jeff Nelson
"It was a great opportunity for us to play against an outstanding team. I didn't feel like we came out ready to go. But we worked our way into the match. Game Two we played particularly well. It was a great game. There were some excellent rallies and the level of play was really high."

Saturday, August 22
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