In The Lodge With ... Karin and Casey
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  11/13/2008


Karin Ohlin is a senior Alpine skier and Casey Dyck is a senior Nordic skier for the Lobos. Karin is a two-time NCAA All-American from Malung, Sweden. Casey is a two-time NCAA qualifier from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The Alpine Report

This fall we have a lot of new freshmen on our alpine team, and have a total of five girls and four guys. All of them are great athletes and have a lot to offer and we are pleased to have such a great team this year.

We started the fall with some team building activities. We spent one day playing paintball and the Alpine team RULED the shooting field , while the Nordics wiped off the green paint we shot on them. But we still love them!

After all the fun activities, the UNM ski team transforms into the UNM hiking team, and became pro hikers. It seemed like we hiked every peak in New Mexico and when that was done we continued with Arizona. Our final hike was the Grand Canyon! We got there, Nordic and Alpine together, and went camping in the wild. The Nordics showed of their hidden talents as survivors, making fires and building their tents in two minutes, while some Alpine team members seemed a little more inexperienced. After the first night's campfire, freezing cold weather and wolves' howls some of us headed to a hotel. The hike was great, an amazing nature experience. Estelle and I saw a tarantula and Martin Kroisleitner saw a rattlesnake.

This fall has also been filled with lots and lots of training. We have had a couple of early mornings with rollerblading on the parking lot by the Hospital. Not too many smiling happy morning faces, but as Marty always say ` well I don't know..., but it is good for you' and I believe him. We always spend a lot of time in the weight room lifting doing squats with Joaquin Chavez screaming at you `Strong back, strong back...'. We also do balance, agility, hurdle jumping and not to mention our never to be forgotten, strength endurance. The absolutely worse and most painful practices are the sand hills, sprinting fast as you can up a sand hill for 50 seconds five times. All I can say is lactic acids up to your ears and you walk like you have a load in your pants.

But with great team spirit we have fought through the most painful sessions together and there would be no way to make it if there was not a pushing and supporting team there to back you up.

Ski season has just begun and we have been skiing in Colorado the past few weekends. This has gotten us some really good skiing and training. We've been able to ski at Loveland and Copper Mountain. It is getting a little colder and soon we hope to ski Red River in New Mexico. Our team looks really strong this year, lots of good skiing, great athletes and great people. I am really looking forward to this ski season.

- Karin Ohlin

The Nordic Report

Well, as fall training is getting colder and colder each week, our team is sitting in anticipation of snow. The past few weekends we, the Nordic team, have stayed in Albuquerque as our Alpine team hit the slopes for the first times. I think we were all a little jealous of their early on-snow training but we know our time will come soon. With no snow for us to ski on, we stayed home in the warm weather and continued our training. It's hard to believe that racing season is now only a couple of weeks away. It feels like the first day of classes was not too long ago, but here we are with over 11 weeks of team training and school under our belts.

Our team started right into training back in late August as soon as school started. This year we welcome four freshmen to the Nordic team. We have two new men and two new women. This brings out total numbers to seven men and four women which makes this the largest Nordic squad since I became a Lobo in 2005. This larger team size is very beneficial in training because it creates a competitive atmosphere within our team which pushes all of us to our limits. The competitiveness within our team is making us all very excited to start racing.

The fall training has gone very well for the team with great improvements being made all the time. A few weeks ago, the team ran a sandhills time trial in which everyone who finished set a personal-best time. This kind of overall improvement by the entire team is encouraging and motivating.

Other key training events from the past couple months include our team trip to Taos to hike Wheeler Peak. This is an annual trip for our team and is one of the few times when the Nordic and Alpine teams get to train side by side. During fall break we took another Nordic and Alpine combined trip to the Grand Canyon for a couple days of hiking and camping. This trip included hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon one day and to the top of Humphrey's Peak the next day. These fall trips are always a highlight for the entire team because of the amazing locations and the great team training atmosphere.

Now that ski season is approaching, the Alpine team is traveling most weekends to put in some quality time on the slopes and we, the Nordic team, will begin travelling soon so that we too can get some on-snow training before our first races at the end of November.

- Casey Dyck