Quotes From The Tucanos Media Luncheon
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  09/08/2009
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics

Sept. 8, 2009

Lobo TV press conference video

Head Coach Mike Locksley

(opening statement)
"As a program we're excited about having a chance to come play here at home. There are so many benefits to playing at home. Our fans don't realize the impact they can have on the outcome of a game by coming in, supporting us, and creating that homefield advantage. I've said many a time that it's our job, as coaches and players, to put a product out on the field that brings fans in. That's what we're here to do and that's what we will do."

"We won't be defined by one game (the season-opening loss to Texas A&M). Win or lose, one game won't define our program. As I said before it was a renovation process (taking over the UNM program) and it's started. Now we can go about moving forward towards the vision that I have for us as a football program and that I'm sure the Lobo Nation has for us."

(on what would be the perfect home environment at University Stadium)
"I'd like to see every seat filled from the minute we walk out. When we went to warm up at (Texas A&M's) Kyle Field, they had 70,000 fans sitting there to welcome us to Aggie Country. So from start to finish I want to see our fans there to create our environment, to give us the energy and electricity of that environment. It's created over in The Pit. We can do the same thing with football and I know we will."

(on looking forward to the team's home debut)
"I'm looking forward to getting a chance to go play our second game. Obviously we're disappointed in the outcome of our first game. That's the great thing about a football season. As I said before, one game doesn't reflect the body of work that we're working towards. We're hoping this week we can go out and show a little better, execute a little better, and give our fans a reason to come out and support us for 60 minutes."

(about what the coaching staff learned about the team last weekend)
"The first thing is that at no point in the game, even when it was out of hand, did I feel our guys quit. And that's what I've come to learn to expect from this team and from Lobos in general -- they're never going to quit. Our team played for four quarters, they did everything we asked of them in terms of effort, now we've just got to come out and learn to execute a little better. I know that sounds like coach speak, but when you look at film - football in its purest form is blocking, tackling, running, catching - as coaches we've got to put our guys in the best situations to do those things. They're all correctable and we'll get it corrected."

(on how he thinks New Mexico matches up against Tulsa)
"Tulsa's a challenge. In the last few years they've contended for their league title. They're a team that, if you give them the opportunity, they're going to put 70 on you and they're not going to pull up and lay off. On defense they're an athletic bunch that, having watched them the last couple of days, run around pretty well and do a good job there. Offensively they haven't missed a beat. Two years in a row they've come in with new quarterbacks that have both been successful. Now they've got another quarterback in G.J. Kinne, a Texas transfer, who led them in rushing last week and looks to have a pretty good grasp of the offensive philosophy that they have."

(take on Lobo QB Donovan Porterie's first game back following knee surgery in 2008)
"I think there are some good things that he showed and obviously [other] things that you can get corrected. Him coming off an ACL [injury], as I said last week, he's actually about a month ahead of schedule. Typically it's about a year process and he didn't have the surgery until mid- or late October of last year. He stood in the pocket and I thought he had pretty good pocket presence once he settled down. We've got to protect him a bit better, giving him the opportunity to make some of the throws. There's some throws that I'm sure Donovan, like us, would like to see a little better ball placement to get to our playmakers [more] chances. But again, those are correctable things and those are the things we'll continue to work on."

(on freshmen running backs A.J. Butler and Demond Dennis, who played their first collegiate game)
"I think they handled things well, but we have to take care of the football. For us to be the team we want to be on offense we can't beat ourselves, and turning the ball over on our side at the 30 or 40-yard line is unacceptable. But we know things will get corrected. I thought A.J. did a good job in the second half running the ball downhill and he made a couple big plays for us in the passing game. I hope to continue to see those guys improve. The good thing about playing 18 or 19 first-year players is that it's hard to play those guys, especially in critical situations, because you want to have that security blanket of experience. But the best thing we can do early in the year is to play those guys, live with the mistakes that they may make, get them corrected, and then we'll be better for it in the long haul."