UNM Lobo Volleyball - Argentina 2008
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  06/04/2008

The Lobo volleyball team will have a different player blog each day during our trip to Argentina. Check back each day to see what we are doing. Pictures will become available as we get stronger internet access.

June 3 - Junior middle blocker Anna Lehne

Today was our first official free day! I woke up around 9:30 and ate breakfast downstairs with my roommates, Allie and Mo. We finished up breakfast and planned to go to a mini mall and see some churches and older structures in the city of Santa Fe. We took a cab from the hotel to the mini mall which was eight blocks away from the hotel. When I say mini, I mean mini. You walk in and see about ten shops and that is it. It was a cute mall but muy pequeno. We just walked back to the other shops near the hotel but we decided to go a little further than all the shops.

When we did, we ran into a really large, but old, school to the left-hand side of us and a large important structure in front of us, and another interesting structure to the right of us. I would give you the names but I can't remember all the Spanish information on the structures. We continued to walk past the large structure in front of us and ended up walking into a park with statues. There was a huge sundial in the middle of the park. Too bad I didn't know how to read it. I did see a lake right next to this park just on the other side of the street. Mo made some friends with the local kids playing outside and took a picture of them.

After walking around for two hours we decided to go and find a café and it was called the Coffee Stop. It was the cutest café ever. So we had some leche chocolata and agua, and some ham and queso sandwiches to go with it. We returned to the hotel and took a nap until we got ready for a wine tasting.

When we went to the Castellar Hotel for the wine tasting it was a different experience for me. There were six wines chosen for us to taste. First we enjoyed two white wines, then a rosette, followed by three red wines. I preferred the first white and the pink, and also the second red wine. While we were all tasting the wine we were feed cheese, olives, and bread. There was about an hour break in between wine tasting and dinner. Some people went shopping again while others got their groove on at the hotel's dance hall.

Dinner was delicious as usual. I had some fried cheese for an appetizer, filet mignon as my entrée, and brownie with ice cream for desert. Everyone at dinner were enjoying the new wines that they tasted and having a good time. I am pretty sure everyone ordered the brownies and none were left over because they were so good. After dinner we returned to the hotel and packed to head back to Buenos Aires at three in the morning. It was a relaxing and easy going day since it was our only free day.

Chao Santa Fe, Hola Buenos Aires.

We'll see you tomorrow!


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