New Mexico Football vs. UTEP Quotes
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Release:  10/02/2010

Oct. 2, 2010

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New Mexico Football vs. UTEP University Stadium, Albuquerque, N.M. Lobo Player Quotes

WR Miles Daughtry
On the improving special teams and his 100 yard KO return? "The coaches have told me the technique. Everyone is really working together. I saw the middle and I just ran with it. If all the players hadn't cooperated, I wouldn't have been able to make that run."

What are the positives from today's game?
"The team was in it the whole game. It is all about mentality. We really stayed consistent, giving us the mindset that we could do it. If we stay consistent and have a good mindset throughout the whole game we are good to go."

DB Anthony Hooks
On the blocked field goal return for a touchdown "We executed it finally. There was a middle block, I saw the opputunity, took it and it was a wrap touchdown."

UNM Coach Michael Locksley Quotes

Opening Statement:
"Today was everything that you would expect in a rivalry game; it was physical and emotional. I thought our guys, as they always, have played with effort from beginning to the end. Right now we're just not a very good football team, and as I've said every time I've been up here it starts with me. As the head coach I have to find a way to get the team to play better. The only way to can do that is to come in here and continue to work, continue to develop the players that are in our program and in our system, continue to go out and bring in quality men that will allow us to win championships, and continue to demand the things that come with being a student athlete."

"It's tough right now, you have a locker room full of guys that are disappointed, but they will continue to play, I expect them to come out and compete day in and day out. It's up to me to find a way for us to play smarter and get that victory that we need, and I look forward to doing that."

Speaking on the status of Tarean Austin:
"He had an ankle injury, they gave him an X-ray but we don't have the results from the X-ray's just yet."

Addressing the defensive changes they have made from last week:
"Today we played zoned coverage, last week we tried to get to the quarterback and force some quick throws. Last week we got beat in man coverage on three different occasions, this week we played against a passer that is a four-year starter. We played zone coverage and I thought that our guys, for the most part, did a good job keeping the ball in front of them, but we had too many mistakes. However, they are correctable mistakes; once we get them on tape we will have a chance to correct them."

On the difference-level in today's game?
"For our team it goes back to execution, we don't execute very well. We tried to run the football early on and we gave ourselves a chance in the running game. Our freshman quarterback struggled early and we were able to get him settled down by getting Brad in there, but I just don't think that we executed very well. "

On the difficulty in terms of the continuity of the team having to switch quarterbacks throughout the season due to injuries?
"It doesn't matter how difficult it is, right now it is what it is. We're going to play with who we have and we're going to get him ready for the game. As I have said before, you like to have that kind of control as a coach. Unfortunately, we have no control over injuries, we have no control over depth and we have no control over youth. We have to get the guys that are going to play ready to play, and I have to continue as a coach to get them ready."

Speaking on Demond Dennis on having one carry during the game:
"It's called being a student-athlete, we have other things that we require our players to do and if they don't take care of it the one thing that we can hold over their head is playing time. If it hurts the team then it hurts the team. Hopefully he understands that."

Addressing his player's disappointment:
"As far as the guys giving up on the season, I can tell you that none of them have. These guys don't quit. They're going to go out and continue to give a great effort and these coaches are going to continue to coach them up. All the way to the end we're going to continue to return kicks, we tried going for two, our players are competing from start to finish, we're just not very good right now, and I have to continue to get us to play better."

On if Brad Gruner be the starter next week?
"We're hopeful that B.R. is back, there is a chance that he will available for us. We have to see where we are with the injuries at the quarterback position, and we'll make that call as we get into preparation for next week's game."

On next week's game against in-state rival New Mexico State:
"As I've told our guys before it doesn't get any easier than this. We've got another rivalry coming up; it's a road game which are always tough, but usually with rivalry games you can usually throw the records out the window and it's an opportunity for us to go down and get our first win."

What are some of the positives you can take from tonight's game?
"We are getting better: special teams, offense, defense. We are getting all of the nerves out of our system. All together we are getting better as a team."

On overcoming three fumbles to win the game
"Our defense played so well. The only thing about this game is that we got two guys hurt, and that sours it a little. That's two starters for us."

On the third quarter touchdown pass that allowed UTEP to pull away
"I'm not sure if that was an audible, but it was their number one guy against our number one guy, and it looked like a bump and run and he ran by him and beat him. The win was kind of swirling and I thought 'oh man', but (Trevor Vittatoe) put it right in there.

On Kris Adams' night
"He's catching the ball and they took his helmet off. He's doing whatever he's supposed to be doing when he's called upon. He is raring to go."