Lobo Volleyball Honors/Awards
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  09/27/2004

Sept. 27, 2004


1991-Laurel Brassey (WAC)
1988-Blase Czerniakowski (HCAC)
1980-Mike Herbert (InterMountain)

CONFERENCE PLAYER OF THE YEAR Year-Player 1991-Pauline Manser (WAC)

ALL-AMERICA Year-Player 1992-Sharon Browning, 2nd team 1991-Pauline Manser, 1st team 1990-Pauline Manser, 1st team; Maria Gurreri, 2nd team 1988-Karen Saavedra-Warnock, 2nd team

ACADEMIC ALL-AMERICA 2004-Adah Burke, 2nd team

ALL-REGION/DISTRICT Year-Player/Coach 1995-Alicia Bergmann, All-District 1994-Tania Gooley, 2nd team; Robyn Wentworth, 2nd team 1993-Tania Gooley, 1st team; Laurel Luman, 1st team 1992-Sharon Browning, 1st team 1991-Pauline Manser, 1st team; Sharon Browning, 1st team 1990-Laurel Brassey, Coach of the Year; Pauline Manser, 1st team; Maria Gurreri, 2nd team; Sharon Browning, 2nd team



2002-Anna Reines (MWC)

1998-Nana Allison (WAC Defensive Specialist of the Year - Pacific Division)

1997-Amber Smith, 2nd team

1996-Kristine Butler, 1st team; Jenny Pavley, 1st team; Gretchen Gegenfurtner, 2nd team

1995-Alicia Bergmann, 1st team; Kristine Butler, 2nd team; Maria Stutsman y Marquez (Defensive Specialist of the Year)

1994-Tania Gooley, 1st team; Robyn Wentworth, 1st team; Sally Downs, 2nd team; Mindy Hale, 2nd team

1993-Tania Gooley, 1st team; Laurel Luman, 2nd team; Alicia Bergmann, 2nd team

1992-Sharon Browning, 1st team; Tania Gooley, 2nd team; Laurel Luman, 2nd team

1991-Pauline Manser, 1st team; Sharon Browning, 2nd team

1990-Maria Gurreri, 1st team; Pauline Manser, 1st team; Sharon Browning, 2nd team

1989-Maria Gurreri, 1st team; Pauline Manser, 1st team; Nao Nagatomo, 1st team; Tammy Lansford, Honorable Mention

1988-Maria Gurreri, 1st team; Marlo Pennington, 1st team; Karen Saavedra-Warnock, 1st team; Nao Ikeda, 2nd team; Lori Forrest, 2nd team

1987-Nao Ikeda, 2nd team; Cathy Peterson, 2nd team; Karen Saavedra, 2nd team

1986-Nao Ikeda, 2nd team; HCAC Defensive Player of the Year

1985-JoAnne O'Connell, Honorable Mention; Kathy Timmers, Honorable Mention

1983-Terri Nielson, 1st team; Shannon Vessup, 2nd team; Kim Hicks, Honorable Mention

1982-Kelly Knowles, 1st Team; Terri Neilson, 1st Team; Shannon Vessup, Honorable Mention

1981-Kim Hicks, Kelly Knowles, Terri Nielson

1980-Kim Hicks

TEAM MOST VALUABLE Year Player 2004 Nicole Ryan 2003 Anna Reines 2002 Staci Masten 2001 None 2000 Micaela Conley 1999 Amber Smith 1998 Amber Smith, Zhao Lu 1997 Amber Smith 1996 Gretchen Gegenfurtner 1995 Alicia Bergmann 1994 Tania Gooley, Sally Downs; Mindy Hale, Robyn Wentworth & Reta Dominguez 1993 Tania Gooley, Laurel Luman 1992 Sharon Browning 1991 Pauline Manser 1990 Pauline Manser 1989 Nao Nagatomo 1988 Karen Saavedra-Warnock 1987 Karen Saavedra 1986 Nao Ikeda, Jocelyn Funk 1985 JoAnne O'Connell 1984 None 1983 Kim Hicks 1982 Terri Nielson 1981 Kelly Knowles 1980 Terri Nielson 1979 Sue Garica 1978 Ellyn Underhill 1977 Mary Beth Roberts

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