Quotes From LB Daniel Gawronski
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  09/16/2003

Sept. 16, 2003

Senior Linebacker Daniel Gawronski

Question: It has to be frustrating to give up only 10 points and lose the football game. What are you thoughts on last weekend's game?

Daniel Gawronski: "Oh it really is. It just hurts because we played pretty good from a defensive standpoint. We gave up a couple plays, but the outcome was that we lost, so it is always going to hurt."

Q: How do you feel about the defense's performance? It was a little inconsistent against Texas Tech. Do you think it was any better?

DG: "No, because we still lost to BYU. I think we just need to step up as a defense, make more plays, come together, stop making silly mistakes assignment wise and we will be ready."

Q: It doesn't seem like this team is making big plays, do you agree?

DG: "That is true. We're not making enough big plays. I'm talking for me and my teammates. If the offense is down, we need to come in there and make a big play to change the momentum around."

Q: What do you think about Washington State?

DG: "I've seen them, when they played Notre Dame. I don't think of them any different than another opponent. I could care less that they are a top 25 team. We're just going to be ready to play."

Q: Is this a big game as far as how it could turn the season or is it just another opportunity to get better?

DG: "I think it's a big game because of what the rest of the country thinks of Washington State, but I think it's an opportunity to get ourselves better before the conference rush."

Q: How much did (senior LB) Fola's (Fashola) absence affect you guys? Do you feel like you have adjusted to that?

DG: Fola came in making big plays. Unfortunately he got hurt and now someone just has to step in. We as a linebacking group just want to pick it up in his absence and help win the game.

Q: Fola is gone and (senior NT Guillermo) Morrison left. Are you guys getting thin there?

DG: It seems like people are dropping. We can't let these little things get to us. We just have to prepare and play our game.