Lobo Ski Team Announces Annual Team Awards
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  04/09/2009
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics

April 9, 2009

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. --- The University of New Mexico ski team announced its annual team awards at the end of season banquet on March 24, along with the 2009 Wells Fargo Corporate Cup season awards.

Head coach Fredrik Landstedt introduced the NCAA third-place Lobos and announced the 2009 Team Most Valuable Players - Petter Brenna (men's Alpine), Martin Kaas (men's Nordic) and Polina Ermoshina (women's Nordic). Stefanie Demetz, Malin Hemmingsson and Estelle Pecherand-Charmet shared the women's Alpine award.

Brenna, a freshman from Norway, won five races during the season and earned All-America honors in the men's slalom.

Kaas, a sophomore from Norway, earned All-America honors in men's classical and freestyle and recorded career-best finishes at the NCAA West Region/RMISA championships.

Ermoshina, a junior from Russia, earned her fifth All-America honor in three seasons, finishing national runner-up in classical and 8th in freestyle. She recorded her career-best finishes at the NCAA West Region/RMISA championships, including her first win in classical. It is the third year in a row for Ermoshina to win the award

Demetz, Hemmingsson and Pecherand-Charmet won the 2009 NCAA Women's Alpine team title and kept the Lobos in the hunt for a national championship. Hemmingsson, a junior from Sweden, was the national champion in women's slalom for the second time in three years. It is the third year in a row for her to receive the team award. Pecherand-Charmet, a junior from France, was the national runner-up in giant slalom and slalom, finishing the season with 10 top-3 finishes. Demetz, from Italy, picked up All-America honors in the women's giant slalom to cap her freshman year.

At the banquet, Corporate Cup director Joe Bachmeier presented the 2009 Corporate Cup championship results, including the 2009 Wells Fargo Cup winner Capos Gate Crashers.

Banquet attendees were also treated to a fashion show by senior Karin Ohlin. Ohlin presented approximately 30-40 original creations.

2009 New Mexico Team Honors

New Mexico Team MVP Awards
Alpine Men - Petter Brenna
Alpine Women - Stefanie Demetz, Malin Hemmingsson, Estelle Pecherand-Charmet
Nordic Men - Martin Kaas
Nordic Women - Polina Ermoshina

2009 Abruzzo Scholarship Winners
Pat Abruzzo Scholarship - Karin Ohlin
Ben Abruzzo Scholarship - Nikolai Herlofson Finne

Letterman's Association - 2009 Graduates
Amy Beresford
Tor Fodnesbergene
Rick Grahn
Karin Ohlin
Melanie Zemp

National Ski Coaches Association Scholar-Athletes
Petter Brenna, Casey Dyck, Rick Grahn, Jacqueline Hangl, Tor-Hakon Hellebostad, Martin Kaas, Olivier Lacaille, Karin Ohlin, Estelle Pecherand-Charmet, Melanie Zemp

RMISA Yellow Bibs
Women's Alpine - Estelle Pecherand-Charmet
Men's Freestyle - Simon Reissmann

All-RMISA Team
First team - Petter Brenna (men's Alpine), Nikolai Herlofson Finne (men's Alpine), Malin Hemmingsson (women's Alpine), Estelle Pecherand-Charment (women's Alpine), Polina Ermoshina (women's Nordic)
Second team - Stefanie Demetz (women's Alpine), Tor-Hakon Hellebostad (men's Nordic), Simon Reissmann (men's Nordic)

RMISA Team Champions
Women's Alpine

RMISA Most Valuable Skier
Men's Alpine - Thomas Schwab

NCAA National Champion
Women's Slalom - Malin Hemmingsson

NCAA All-Americans
Women's Giant Slalom - Estelle Pecherand-Charmet (2nd), Stefanie Demetz (5th)
Women's 5K Classic - Polina Ermoshina (2nd)
Men's 10K Classic - Martin Kaas (8th), Tor-Hakon Hellebostad (9th)
Women's Slalom - Malin Hemmingsson (1st), Estelle Pecherand-Charmet (2nd)
Men's Slalom - Petter Brenna (2nd)
Women's 15K Freestyle - Polina Ermoshina (8th)
Men's 20K Freestyle - Martin Kaas (4th), Simon Reissmann (10th)

Team Finishes
2009 NCAA West Regional/RMISA Champions
2009 NCAA National Championships - Third Place
2009 NCAA Alpine Team - First Place
2009 NCAA Women's Alpine Team - First Place

2009 Wells Fargo Corporate Cup Results

2009 Wells Fargo Corporate Cup
Capos Gate Crashers

Final Team Standings

Race Division
1. Jade Rockettes
2. Sandia Peak
3. Jaded Halfest Dawgs

Unlimited Division
1. Jade Jets
2. C.O. Jones
3. Jade Enterprise

Corporate Division
1. SNL's No Problem
2. SAIC One
3. Intel Outside

Advanced Division
1. Parametrics
2. Boeing Diods
3. Eclipse

Recreation Division
1. Sacred Power
2. Wells Fargo I
3. Wells Fargo II

Saturday Individuals
Helena Woodrow (Race)
Mark LeCome (Race)
Mary Dean Smith (Unlimited)
Scott Womach (Unlimited)
Ann Mattsson (Corporate)
Jason Strauch (Corporate)

Sunday Individuals
Kim Schneider (Co-Ed)
Michael Pullen (Co-Ed)
Juliana Lowe (Recreation)
Guido Kemp (Recreation)
Stephanie Blount (Advanced)
Dave DeYoung (Advanced)