UNM vs. Morehead State Player Quotes
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Release:  11/25/2011

Nov. 25, 2011

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UNM vs. Morehead State
Player Quotes

Junior Caroline Durbin

On the start of the game ... "We really got out to a great start. We pumped ourselves up before the game a little more than usual and we had a good warm up. We just wanted to jump on them because the last game we didn't start too well. Everyone was really energetic and ready to go."

On Morehead's three point shooting ... "We were surprised a little bit. We knew they had some three point shooters but we didn't expect that much shooting off of the bench. We need to do a better job of adjusting to that and getting in the shooter's faces a little more and help our teammates out a little more."

On Pepperdine ... "We watched the last five minutes (of their game earlier) and we are going to watch a lot of film on them tomorrow. Our coaches will get us ready for them." Junior Nikki Nelson

On the offense ... "I felt that we are doing a lot better. We're moving a lot better and our screens are getting better too. We still have some work to do, we are still leaving a little bit early but I definitely see an improvement."

On Morehead going full court in the second half ... "We watched some film on them and we knew that they had a couple of presses that they would throw at us and our practice guys went at us pretty hard this week. We were working on it for quite some time to be better prepared. Our guys did a nice job preparing us. I like challenge. Our team is doing really good. If someone gets trapped somebody is right there to help them out. We have good teamwork."

On worrying during the game ... "There wasn't any worry, we had a couple of stretches that we weren't playing that great. Basketball is a game of momentum and we just had to play through it. We have to keep our heads up and not give up and give it to them. They played really hard though."