Postgame Quotes
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  11/24/2008

Nov. 24, 2008

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New Mexico Head Coach Steve Alford:

On the game
"I thought in the game against Central Florida we played really well. We just had a game where three or four players didn't play well. Tonight was really a must win game going into the Cancun Challenge. I thought the guys did a good job. We showed a lot of intensity. If there was a part that was glaring it was our board play. That is something we knew could raise some heads. Cal State Northridge is a team that really pressures defensively, and to only turn the ball over 12 times shows how good our guys concentration was tonight."

Closing-out games
"We had some success closing the game out tonight. We got up by twenty, but then they cut the lead down to 11. We withstood that run. Tonight, it wasn't missed foul shots, but rather bad possessions and shots that I didn't like. I was glad with our poise and mental toughness down the stretch. We are not close to where we need to be defensively. We are too much one half good, and one half bad defensively. We need to be able to put together 40 minutes defensively. I thought we made some strides."

On changing line-up
"We lost two games we should have won. We just didn't finish. I thought everybody responded well. I'm just trying to push a button to get everybody going. This team works hard, but I think our enthusiasm last Saturday wasn't near where it was in the previous games. It was a message to tell the players to play with a little more passion."

Cal State Northridge Head Coach Bobby Braswell:

"I just want to get us better every game so that we are getting ready for our conference play and I thought we took a huge step in that direction tonight. I was very, very pleased with my guys not quitting (and) not giving up. You know it is obviously a very emotional day for Josh (Jenkins). A night for him to come back here and play and he probably didn't score it they way he wanted to score it and everything else, but tonight was probably one of his better games, one of his best games. He was a true leader out there on the floor and on the bench. When he was in foul trouble he kept encouraging his teammates and picking them up and pushing them. I'm just very, very, very proud of him, very, very proud of him."

On playing in the Pit
"Well, I'm still trying to catch my breath (from) walking up the ramp. This is a tough place to play. Obviously their loss the other night was, I think, the first loss they have had in thirty-three non-conference games here so obviously it is a very difficult place to win games. We made a good run, but when they hit that big three out of that time-out, fans got going, the crowd got going and that kind of takes it from you a little bit, but that is why I am proud of our guys. I don't think our guys ever quit."