Post Game Quotes - New Mexico vs. UNLV
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Release:  01/21/2012

Jan. 21, 2012

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Post-game Quotes 1/21/12 UNLV 64, New Mexico 50

New Mexico Head Coach Yvonne Sanchez

On the frustration of having only two scholarship players on the bench during a game...

"All year long we've tried not to make excuses out of it. We have to use what we have on the bench and we have to get them better. You can get frustrated with it, but it's not going to change. The people that we have now are it-maybe aside from Jourdan Erskine- the other players aren't coming back. It sounds like a horror movie, 'She's never coming back,' but that's the reality of it. We have to do whatever we can as a staff to work as hard as we can to continue to teach these players. If we can do that, then I think we're successful.

"As competitors, we still want to win and it's frustrating not being able to do that especially in a game like this when we actually played pretty well. We shot in the 20s in the first half (29.9%), I think, and then ended up with 42.2%. I look down at the box score and there are a lot of positives.

"Jayme Jackson played one of her best games in a long time. Lauren Taylor came off the bench-and you know what, Lauren Taylor is such a competitor. I will say this about her; that kid wants to start. If we could start six players, there's no question. You know what, that kid comes off the bench-she got 29 minutes, and I know she's sometimes a bit limited because of her knee-and she was our leading scorer off the bench. Our bench points tonight were 15 points to 14 (UNLV's bench), and 13 of those bench points were Lauren's. I can't emphasize how important that is to our program. Emily Stark went in and did a good job. Caroline Durbin was 4-for-8, with 10 points.

"But, it's the same Achilles' heel. We got outrebounded-only by two, but they had 17 offensive rebounds. I don't know if it's our size-I need to look at the film again. I don't know if it's our lack of not keeping on a body and boxing out, but we'll learn from it and we'll move on. I'm not going to get discouraged. We can't. There's another game next week, and there's church tomorrow. Thank God."

On Ashley Rhoades' absence from today's game...

"It's actually a really cool thing. She's at the National Volleyball Team Clinic. She's going to try out for the National team, and hopefully she'll make it and represent our country and the University. This weekend, starting on Thursday, they had all the National team coaches doing a clinic in Colorado Springs. She and some of the top people that made the team last year were invited to be demonstrators at the clinic. She has to be there for that. That's her future. That's what she does and we knew that ahead of time. The nice thing about it is, National Team tryouts start in February, but because she's done a lot of these things, that will be waived for her. She'll get back into town late tonight and get back with our team and not have to worry about making the National team until May, I think.

"And she brings another body. There's no question. She played well against San Diego State."

On the matchup of UNLV's Jamie Smith and Caroline Durbin...

"We played a lot of zone, so what happened with Jamie Smith was-and I credit UNLV, they do a nice job with it-but what they do is they dribble the ball from the wing back up to the point and then Smith or one of their shooters-and it was Smith-comes back to the same side. That's tough to defend. We did talk about it, but it's tough. They throw it right back to that player, and that's where Jamie Smith went 3-for-4 from the three-point line in the first half.

"Caroline-again, it's tough because UNLV is so athletic. They defend very well, and to get Caroline loose, you have to get her off screens. She's got a nice shot, she can take the ball to the basket, but UNLV did a nice job defending her."

On when the Lobos were down seven (around 7:00 left in the game), turned the ball over and UNLV hit a three-pointer, got another stop and hit another three-ball...

"It's just those little things that we need to clean up a bit. We knew Mia Bell, UNLV's point guard, was going to be all over Nikki Nelson, so our guards had to come up. We worked on it, but on that play, they didn't. For whatever reason, Porche Torrance threw the ball inbounds and it's a turnover. You're right, they hit a three and then got another quick stop and hit another three. So instead of down seven with the momentum and your fans on your side, then you're playing catch up in a short period of time.

"That's the stuff that we, unfortunately, haven't avoided in the last four games. Now San Diego State we played catch up early on and they're just too good of a team to do that against. UNLV gave us an opportunity to hang around a little bit and we didn't capitalize on that. That's a little bit disappointing, but like I said, there were a lot of positives that happened.

"To come back and shoot 42.2% overall was terrific, because we were at 29% after the first half. We shot 36% from the three, Lauren hit some nice three's. We shot 80% from the free-throw line, so we have to take some positives away from this for these kids. We have to take the film and show them the things that we need to work on and we have to get ready for Colorado State and TCU. Those are two games that we can go and win. That's my mindset and that's our staff's mindset and come Monday, that's going to be the players' mindset."

Players - Lauren Taylor and Chinyere Nnaji
Senior guard Lauren Taylor

On what happened in this afternoon's game with UNLV...

"We set some goals, and for offensive rebounds UNLV blew it out of the water. The same happened with second-chance points as well. It was just little hustle plays, you know. We were really in there playing hard and fighting and then UNLV comes back with a three-pointer and we get the ball and try and make something happen, then they get another three; by the end of the game they were really breaking down the zone defense, and they were able to find the weak spot and that really hurt us in the end."

On the frustration of being short on healthy bodies...

"That's life, you're going to have things happen to you that will completely crush you and make you want to quit, and I think it's how you push through it that matters. I think that it's part of learning when you lose a game. You have to tell yourself to get back up."

Sophomore forward Chinyere Nnaji

On going against taller opponents in the Mountain West, such as UNLV...

"It's tough, but we've been working on how to get over the post and working on post defense during practice to improve on that."

On how the team pushes through the frustration of losing...

"Come Monday we'll look at film and the things we have to work on, and then we'll also look at the positives. We'll fix what we have to and try to keep a good attitude because we still have a long way to go."