Coach Davie Postgame Quotes
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  09/29/2012

Sept. 29, 2012

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Opening Statment

"It was two different games, two halves of football and two different games. The biggest reason was because of turnovers. In the first half we turned the ball over three times. We had three different players turn it over. Cole [Gautsche] turned one over on a first down at midfield; I think it was the first series of the game if I'm right. Kasey [Carrier] turned one over. And then Lamaar [Thomas] in the wildcat. So we had three different turnovers in the first half. We were able to move the ball, but we had no points at halftime. Defensively, we've got to keep plugging away... keep plugging away. If we don't force some turnovers, we have a hard, hard time.

Come back the second half, obviously the second half kickoff was big because there was a turnover. That's why the second half was different than the first half. A.J. Butler stripped the ball out, Joe Stoner picked it up--that was another turnover.

The offense, really all night, we felt good about everything. Cole played the majority of the game because it was a triple-option game. They had a hard time adjusting; they had a hard time stopping it. So it was a tale of two halves. It comes back to turnovers for us. It's all about turnover with our football team.

It's something; we came in here 24th in the country in turnover margin. Where we are defensively right now, we can't afford to cough it up on offense. We have to force turnovers on defense.

Bad field position all night. Our offense, some of those were really impressive. We take that ball from the 5-yard line a couple times against a defense like that, was pretty impressive.

So it's frustrating because again, for us to win (particularly against a team like this, but really any team to be honest) we have to play flawless. We have to play flawless. And we're not really capable of that just yet. We're getting better.

I really appreciate our team in the second half .I really appreciate the fight. You're down 25-0 at halftime; they really pulled off a little bit right there at the end of the first half. Chris Peterson kind of sat on it a little bit. But the second half shows you what this can be. The atmosphere in the stadium, to be quite honest, was electric. You could feel it. And when that atmosphere is electric and we play decent to good football, you can see the results of that. It looked like a different team."

On what he told his players at halftime, down 25-0...

"Narrow the focus. Don't think about all of the ramifications. Don't think about what the final score might be. Don't think about how hard we worked and we might not get anything out of it. Just go play the second half."

On the Lobos' running attack...

"It's good. If we get some more explosives in there...If we get to where we have a few more explosive plays, it'll be really good. And when we can just throw it just a little better, which we'll be able to do at some point, you can see we're in the right scheme."