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Quotes From Daniel Gawronski
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  10/28/2003

Oct. 28, 2003

Senior Linebacker Daniel Gawronski

Question: You guys have to put Utah behind you and be ready mentally for UNLV come Saturday right?

Daniel Gawronski: "Right. We are enjoying the big victory against Utah but it's time to get ready for UNLV. Today at practice, the main focus will be to put the win aside and get focused and ready to play this weekend."

Q: How much more confidence do you have after the win against Utah?

DG: "It always feels good to win, but it was an added bonus that it was a ranked team, and we went into their house and beat them. We just don't want that to happen this weekend to us. UNLV has a lot of motivation to come in here and upset us."

Q: What concerns you most about UNLV?

DG: "They have good players. They have a lot of talent on that team. We just have to come in and take the spirit that they have out of the game in the very first quarter."

Q: What is the feeling in the locker room about having the next three games and home and being in a position to win the conference?

DG: "We are in a real good position. We have three home games, which is in our favor. We have such high spirits too. I have never seen everybody meshing together so well. The offense is playing good and the defense is causing turnovers, so it is looking pretty good right now. We just have to keep our focus."

Q: Has the defense talked about how to be more aggressive in the past few weeks because they have made some improvements from the beginning of the year?

DG: "We have talked about it. We just wanted to make a statement. Everybody thinks they can come in and run the ball on us. We just wanted the whole conference to know that they can't do that. That is our goal right now. When we hit, we don't want it to be just a little pitty-pat, we want them to feel it, let them know what our defense is all about. We never go in and try to intentionally hurt anybody. That's not how we play. We just want to make sure everyone knows that we are the most physical team in the conference."

Q: If the crowd isn't at full capacity on Saturday will it affect you guys at all?

DG: "Well I don't worry about it, but of course you want to see your fans come out and support you. As a team, if the crowd isn't there, we are still going to be ready to play regardless. We would really love the fan support though.