Argentina Blog
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  05/28/2008

May 28, 2008

The Lobo volleyball team will have a different player blog each day during our trip to Argentina. Check back each day to see what we are doing and for our Top 10 pictures of the day.

May 28 - Senior setter Sarah Kwasigroch

While fighting to keep our eyes open and each other awake, the bus ride from the airport to the hotel was very memorable. There are not only 18-lane highways in Argentina, but the cars here do not stick to the one car per lane rule. And yes, only in Argentina is it okay to drive down the shoulder of the highway and not yield for ambulances speeding down the road.

When we arrived at Castelar Hotel, it reminded me of a scene from a movie. It is a beautiful hotel in the middle of the block and I think we were all shocked that we were going to be staying here. After settling in our rooms, we were ready to explore Buenos Aires.

The first stop was the bank to get some much needed pesos. While exchanging money was a success for some, others are still stuck with hundreds of dollars in yuan, the Chinese currency! We then took a group trip to visit the Argentina version of the White House, which is called the Casa de Rosada.

On our way, some teammates were attacked by hundreds of pigeons which made for some great action shots. For the next few hours we were able to split up and explore the downtown of Buenos Aires. We were able to enter City Hall and meet the guards who could not keep their straight faces and instead asked our teammate Gayle for a kiss!

This was followed by shopping down Florida - the crowded, tiled shopping street.

Things we learned today while shopping in Argentina: 1. A pattern of 10 stores repeats every other block 2. Everyone in this country loves soccer and soccer jerseys 3. 3.09 Pesos= 1 American Dollar 4. Watch before crossing small streets, cars do not yield for pedestrians.

But the most important note of the day, Starbucks coffee is still no where to be found! I finally accepted the fact that there were no Starbucks in this town, so I changed my search to finding a simple cup of coffee. I saw a trusting McDonald's so I ordered a plain, simple coffee. To my surprise, I was handed a miniature cup filled about a third of the way with coffee. At this point, I was frustrated with this coffee purchase but I couldn't help but laugh! While laughing I managed to spill half of it on the front of my sweatshirt that I am stuck wearing everyday for the next two weeks! Thanks to Allie, I was able to attempt to clean it with a handy Tide-To-Go pen!

So after our day out on the town, we started preparing mentally and physically for our first practice and scrimmage in Argentina. We ended up playing very well for twelve girls who slept only a few hours on the airplane the night before! We started our foreign tour off successfully and by winning all three of our practice games! After the end of the match, while thanking the home team for allowing us to scrimmage, we were greeted and thanked with kisses on the cheek from the opposing team. It was a great welcome into this culture and country!

We'll see your tomorrow!


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