Post-Game Quotes: UNM vs. TCU
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  02/25/2012

Feb. 25, 2012

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Head Coach Yvonne Sanchez

Opening Statement

"It was a special day and a special game. We had our seniors who are tremendous ambassadors to this university and this program. We had UNM Hospitals to sponsor our Play4Kay game. We had breast cancer survivors that keep fighting. It is a bigger thing than the game of the basketball. It was terrific. We always every year want to share a special day with those people and invite them anytime because they are truly our heroes. It was a special day. I wish we could have gotten them a win."

On seniors last game in The Pit

"It will hit me soon that this is their last day in The Pit. They were a special group. I think about what they have gone through. They did not have a great last couple of years. The coach that coached them through most of their career retired. We lost a class of freshmen [this year] so they were already down to 10 players. We also lost a lot of kids to injuries. It was not anything they asked for, but I hope it was everything they hoped for in their basketball career and in the academic setting. We had a lot of people to support them. I'm hoping they have had a positive experience."

On first group of seniors to leave since becoming head coach

"It is tough. It is tough every year. I do not know if it is any different from being an assistant coach to being a head coach. I had my hand in getting those kids in. I now experienced my first year of actually coaching those kids. It is tough. Everything is measured on wins and losses. It really is. We understand that. To the kids that play in this program, it is more than that. They might not remember any game but that will remember their teammates. They will remember specific moments on the road or in their dorms. That is what I remember from my college career. I don't really remember many games. I do remember all those times. They will remember them too."

On losing lead in second half

"They hit some shots. We were in zone. They hit some shots in our zone. We got stagnant in our offense. We had to be a little bit more creative without Lauren Taylor out there. We got really stagnant on their zone offense. We didn't get some good shots. We turned the ball over in that stretch. They went down and went inside. We did not guard very well. They went on that big run. They hit that three. They kept the momentum and did not look back."

On only playing seven players

"I'm very limited in the rotation without Lauren Taylor. Nikki Nelson you only really want to play about 25 minutes a game. That is not going to happen especially when they press. I thought Jayme Jackson did well. I thought they went out there and fought and battled. We just have a group of kids that are a little bit beat up. We just did not finish a 40 minute game."

On Lauren Taylor

"She is better. I toyed with the idea of starting her and then subbing her out right away. The problem with that was when she played against Colorado State. She was still suffering from the concussion. She came to the Colorado State game and went from a scale of 1 to a 7 or 8 the next day. I thought about it but, is it really worth this kid getting out there just to step on the court if I'm going to damage her even more or be a set back? I just did not want to do that. I don't know what will happen Wednesday. It will be debatable. If she can't play Wednesday, we won't travel her. We will the whole next week and then the Mountain West Tournament. Hopefully she is cleared by then."

On Porche Torrance getting 4th foul

"It was hard. I kept her in for a little bit. She was not that aggressive. On defense, that is what she does well. There were a couple times she backed off. They got a couple layups. I had to take her out. Porche Torrance played well tonight. She had a great game. There were about 12 minutes left when she got her fourth. She got her fifth later on in the game. We needed her to finish off. I really thought it was going to go back and forth there at the end. We just did not hit shots there down in the stretch and they did. We had to foul. It stretched it out to about 13 or 11 points."

On playing overall

"I like the way we are playing. We had a good game against Colorado State. I think the biggest difference between TCU and Colorado State is they are low on numbers. TCU was not. They played 10 or 11 players and we only had 7 or 8 that we could use. It was tough. They are a stronger and deeper team. They are just a little bit young. I like what their kids are doing. I think if we get Lauren Taylor back in for the Mountain West Tournament, we will have another guard element back into the rotation. We will get some outside scoring. Caroline Durbin does not feel the brunt of having to score 20 points or hit a big three."

Player Quotes:

UNM Senior Guard/Forward Porche Torrance

On her last game in The Pit...

"I got in foul trouble early, that kind of sucked. It's hard to be as aggressive as you want to be while keeping in mind not to foul out and you have the coaching staff telling you not to foul out. That got me in trouble early. Besides that, we came out strong in the first half and my teammates battled and we all battled. We came up short in the second half. Their zone really slowed us down compared to when they were playing man defense. We didn't get movement and our shots weren't falling, which really hurt us. I'll always have good memories of The Pit. The fans were great. They cheered us on and cheered me on. I just tried to go out there and give my all for my last opportunity to play in The Pit."

On TCU's run in the second half...

"We had critical turnovers and we weren't taking care of the ball. They scored off those and that really hurt us. We couldn't do anything about that and we tried to keep fighting hard. We have to keep our heads high and go in to Air Force looking for a win. It's not going to be easy so we have to come out and play hard and play strong." On what she will take away from her years at New Mexico...

"I'll take away the relationships with my teammates. Every year you have some new teammates and they are always a family to me, so I'll take away those friendships. I'll always have them, even after I leave here." On what the team needs to do to stay optimistic going in to the Mountain West tournament...

"We need to go into the tournament - after we play Air Force, of course, I don't want to look past that - all on the same page. If we go into the tournament all on the same page, knowing that anything is possible and any team can be beat on any given day then we will be fine. With that type of a mentality and attitude, we'll be fine and get some upsets and shock some people."

On missing Lauren (Taylor) in the lineup and whether or not fatigue was a factor toward the end of the game...

"I thought we did okay. Lauren is a good shooter and she will hit three-pointers at the end when we need them. That was a huge factor. I can't shoot the three as well as Lauren can, so having her in there takes the pressure off of me, knowing that we have other dominant players that can shoot the three. Caroline can shoot the three, but everybody knew we were going to her so they could sag off other players and double team her so she couldn't get her shot off, but she played well too, tonight. Missing Lauren was a factor, especially because we couldn't hit shots at the end, but we just kept fighting. That's one thing I'll say."

UNM Junior guard Caroline Durbin

On the drastic decline in shooting percentage (52.4% in the first half and 33.3% in the second)...

"I feel like we got a little bit stagnant in our offense, especially against the zone. They figured out what we were doing and they figured out what shooters we were trying to get open. We didn't do a great job of executing our offense."

On knowing that it was the seniors' last game in The Pit...

"Obviously we really wanted to win it, not just for the win, but for the seniors. We respect them so much and they have been great leaders. We were playing hard for them, it just didn't work out today and we didn't get the win."

On how much it hurt not having Lauren Taylor...

"It hurts a lot. Lauren is a great shooter and she is also a great passer. The defense has to respect her shooting ability, so it's always great to have her on the floor. Hopefully we can get her back sometime soon."

On the difficulty of playing with 7 or 8 players when the other team has 11 or 12 in its rotation...

"We are in great shape and we have elevation here, whereas a team like TCU doesn't so we're at a little bit of an advantage usually when they come here. We don't get too tired at home."

On who will have to step up in place of Lauren Taylor...

"Everyone will. We're starting a bit lineup now, which makes some people feel a little bit out of position, but I think they are doing a great job. Porche (Torrance) and Jourdan (Erskine) especially, playing the guard spots. Everyone just has to raise their level of play, including me, if we want to continue to win."