Quotes From D.D. Cox
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  10/28/2003

Oct. 28, 2003

Junior Running Back D.D. Cox

Question: Can you talk about the offense and how everything is finally going right for you all?

D.D. Cox: "Yeah the coaches are doing a great job of game planning and the offensive line is executing. When both of those things happen it makes it easier for us to make plays."

Q: What is the attitude like for the offense when things are going good like this? Does it make you more excited to get back on the field?

DC: "It is exciting and we can control our own destiny as far as winning the conference."

Q: Do you guys feel like you have a good chance of winning the conference since you have three remaining home games?

DC: "Yeah, that is definitely how we feel. We sense the opportunity in our hands and we just want to grasp it."

Q: What concerns you most about the UNLV team?

DC: "They are a great team with a great defense. I saw what they did to Wisconsin, beating a ranked team on the road. They have a lot of great athletes, so we have to come out and play to the best of our ability."

Q: How do you get ready for this game without being too excited over the win last weekend at Utah?

DC: "We just have to realize that we must win every game in order to win the conference. We cannot overlook anybody. Each game is of equal importance."

Q: Is everything coming together now for the team as a whole?

DC: "Hopefully. I believe that it is. We have been making strides and finally we pulled it all together against Utah.

Q: The way you and DonTrell Moore compliment each other, does it take some pressure off?

DC: "Yeah, it makes us feel better. There are times where he comes in to run the option or I will come in and run something. It gets to a point during the game when we look at each other and feel that the defense just can't stop either one us."