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Quotes From Billy Strother
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  10/14/2003

Oct. 14, 2003


Question: The defense has been so aggressive lately, what point do you think you are at?

Billy Strother: "We at the point where we are playing to win. We're ready to win and to play more physical. We are playing our hearts out and giving it everything we can because a lot of us on that squad are seniors and we only have six games left. I don't know if I am promised to go to the next level, I don't know if I am promised to play these next six games. All we see is an opportunity to play and leave everything on the field."

Q: When you look at San Diego State, do you see yourselves in the mirror? It's a team that has been in games, like at Ohio State, and lost but should have won.

BS: "Yeah we have been in that position ourselves. We dropped three straight games that were close and it makes you feel eaten up inside that you came so close and had the win right there. It makes you want to get that next game and makes your drive and hunger more intense."

Q: What about getting back to conference play and wiping away the remnants of the BYU loss?

BS: "It's going to feel real good to get back to conference play. That BYU game we had and should have won. You can't live in the past, you got to let it go on and get back to the future. Right now our future is San Diego State and it's our first step to fulfilling our expectations of being conference champions. We have to keep going and once San Diego State is gone, we have to keep looking forward and never look back."

Q: What concerns you most about San Diego State?

BS: "The thing that concerns me is that they are going to be fired up. Last year, they had the game won here but lost it on a fourth down play, so they are going to be hungry for a win."

Q: Was there a lift in practice getting Jason Lenzmeier back?

BS: "Yeah, you could tell because there was more hard blocking for me. When we go against the offense, Jason was really the only one who could handle me coming off the edge. Now that he's back the offense is over there having fun and you can see the excitement, which makes me excited."

Q: He makes that much of a difference?

BS: "Yeah, he makes a lot of difference. We chose him as a captain, we chose him to be one of the leaders of this team and when your team has that much respect for you, then you know you are really important to all of us."

Q: Did coach work you hard in the bye week?

BS: "He worked us enough that we were able to recuperate our wounds but still be able to focus on the game. We appreciate everything that happened that week because it is exactly what we needed."