Tucanos Media Luncheon Quotes: Justin Colburn
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  09/09/2003
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics

September 9, 2003

Senior Quick Tackle Justin Colburn

Question: How excited are you to get back home after playing at Tech on their astroturf field?

Justin Colburn: I'm excited. I hate playing on turf. I don't know why teams have that still but I'm excited to be home and have the home field advantage for our first conference game.

Q: It's a big game and you not easing into conference play, what do you think about that?

JC: No we're not. We got a really good team opening up our conference schedule right off the bat and to get a victory we will have to be really good.

Q: If you lose at home, could it be devastating?

JC: Yeah. It's not going to end our season, but it'll be a bad way to start the season. I think we really need a victory going into Washington State. Our first conference game is really important and they're what matter, so our level of expectations as players are higher.

Q: They pretty much run the same defense. Is that an advantage?

JC: I think so. We're very familiar with it. We see it every fall and every spring. I think Bronco is going to pull out some different stuff on us though. I don't think he will go with the same exact stuff but we're prepared.

Q: Is it comforting to know that no matter who you have in the running back position, they are going to gain some yards?

JC: Yes, both Dontrell and D.D. are very explosive running backs. I think either could start for almost any team in college football. It is really good to know they are quality running backs and we just have to do our job and get holes open for them to run through.