Quotes for UNM vs NMSU
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Release:  12/04/2011

**Note**  The Dec. 15 University of New Mexico women’s basketball game against Northern Colorado has been changed to a tip-off time of 6 p.m. mountain time.

The Thursday night game will be played in The Pit and is the last scheduled home event for the Lobo women’s squad in 2011. New Mexico will close out the 2011 calendar year with road trips to Houston Baptist, Arizona and Rio Grande rival New Mexico State.

Dec. 4, 2011

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Senior guard Lauren Taylor

On first half offense
"We were playing motion really well. They were getting lost on a lot of the screens and we played it really well. We ran our sets and looked for each other. We didn't just take the first shot we got, and that was really effective in the beginning."

On second half offense
"We were mixing things up in the second half between motion, secondary, and some others; whatever coach called. The main thing was we all knew it and got into it. We ran it. We knew who we were looking for and that was important."

On NMSU's full-court press
"When they first threw it on, it was kind of like 'whoa.' We have problems with presses sometimes but we calmed down. We didn't just continue throwing the ball away. We calmed down, got it to the middle and passed, passed, passed and got it through. They put it on in the first half, too, and we broke it twice. They immediately took it off. In the second half it took a little bit longer but we got through it." Jourdan Erskine

On winning in close game
"It was so good that we won. It just boosted us so much. We have been going through so much adversity lately. Just to have that win; it was great."

On overcoming adversity on the court
"We told each other to come together on the court and slow it down. We needed to get back to our game because we were going up and down, up and down. Instead of collecting ourselves, that was what we were doing. Once we just calmed down, and looked for each other, and ran our plays, that's how we found each other."

On NMSU's Tabytha Wampler fouling out
"When she fouled out, that really boosted us. She was their key player and when they were all frazzled, we just saw that and collected ourselves and said 'Let's play our game.' That's what happened, we threw them out of theirs."

Coach Quotes
UNM Women vs. NMSU
December 4, 2011
Albuquerque, NM

Coach Yvonne Sanchez
"That was a big one, that was huge. I've known Mark for a long time, he's a great guy and a great friend and like I said this rivalry is probably just beginning. I know we're going to get better in terms of a program and I know he's going to get better as a program. That was a fun game. It was fun for Pack the Pit. Marketing did a great job, we had a lot of fans. Sports information got a lot of stuff out there, they did a terrific job. It was fun to have the fans out there and for the girls to get the win."

On Jourdan's game:
"Jourdan Erskinehadn't practiced pretty much the whole week and today was probably the best she has felt. Jourdan gave Caroline whatever she had because Caroline didn't practice today. Jourdan is just really progressing in her confidence. She's not really known for being a shooter. We said at half time that that first four minutes are important. She goes out and hits a three, hits a two and really gets us up. When Jourdan is on her off time, I'll hear the ball bouncing, there's nobody else in the gym, its dark and Jourdan's shooting. It's tremendous. She wants to be better. She's a captain and she leads by example. She's not the rah-rah type of person but she did it today. She's really doing well."

On breaking the press:
"That's just our Achilles heel. We finally put a guard in the middle. One of the guards that was on the outside of the box finally flashed to the middle. It's still shaky, we still have to work on it. I'm anticipating Nikki and Deeva will be back for UTEP. It's like your shot, you have to keep working on it. We have to solve it because people are still going to press us."

"We expected the press. Erin did a great job on the scout. We worked on it, it was just that they put it in sporadically in the first half and we kind of broke it pretty easy. Then in the second half, we were up by 10 and we just kind of panicked a little bit. They also bumped up the pressure. We've got to solve it, that's our job as a staff. The kids could have folded. They could have dropped their shoulders, especially when they went up four. It was a gusty performance by this group."

On Deeva and Nikki's status:
"Nikki felt good. She had kind of a light jog yesterday and today. She actually wanted to play but we kind of squashed that. I think that a couple more days doesn't hurt for that bone bruise to heal. She should be "a go" for UTEP. Deeva was symptom-free of her concussion for the first time today. So the nice thing is that is step one. Step two is the stress test. Step three is the light contact. If she can pass all those she'll be able to play. They have Monday and Tuesday off, they're going to rest, heal and get better. Deeva will still continue to do the concussion tests. I want those kids to be 100 percent. I say that with a smirk but I'm not going to mess with any kind of head injury. When she gets back, she gets back. Nikki has been through so much with her knees, I want to make sure she feels comfortable. "

On the significance of the win:
"It's a huge win because we've dropped three games by three or less points, it kind of gets to your psyche sometimes when you do that. Had we dropped this one, that "any given Sunday" speech kind of wears away after awhile. To get a one-point win in a tough situation like we were in, it speaks volumes. Hopefully they feel that everything is turning around."

"We thought 15 would take the last shot off the drive because she tried to do that before, so what we did was put Jayme on her instead of Lauren. But then we were switching everything so it really didn't matter. The biggest thing was communication. I think they were just looking for any open shot because they run a pretty nice motion with a lot of screens. I credit our kids and Jourdan when she secured that rebound. She missed the first free throw and we were trying to tell her to miss the second one but she just started shooting. But it was the best thing because if you miss the second one, they don't have a chance to even throw a long one and get a foul."

"Both programs are on similar paths. We're both taking programs on and it's probably going to turn into a pretty good rivalry. It was one sided on both sides for awhile; it was State winning for a long time and then it was UNM winning for a long time. Mark is a tremendous coach and that staff he has will get kids in a build a program. I love my staff here, they work their tail off and we'll get kids in. It's probably going to turn into a pretty good rivalry. I'm hoping to see both teams in the NCAA Tournament one day."

"It's been tough, we lose to Oklahoma by three, we beat Morehead State pretty well, with Pepperdine we were felling pretty good even with Deeva out and then Nikki tweaks her knee. You look around and go "oh man." You're playing with seven or eight and now that we have the same bench, these kids found a way to play together. That's a sign of a mature team that has great chemistry and is resilient. I've said this before and I'll say it again, I wouldn't trade them for anybody. If we're going to fight, if we're going to have ups and downs, I'm going to do it with these guys. We'll go through it together. I wouldn't cast them away for anybody."

"I felt great when she fouled Lauren at the end because Lauren is one of our best free-throw shooters. Any good shooter can miss that first one and that's why I called a time out. I wanted to make sure that they knew what we were going to do on defense after Lauren made her free throw. She made one out of two, we got in our press and they did a terrific job. I think we knocked it out of bounds. We went back into our defense, secured the rebound and did a great job. In that kind of situation, I'll have Lauren at the free-throw line 100 out of 100 times. She's tough and she'll make those."