White Rocks On The Mound And On Stage
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  02/06/2009
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics

Feb. 6, 2009

By Media Relations Intern Nita Gonzales for GoLobos.com

Cole White wouldn't say that baseball and music are of equal importance in his life, but they are pretty close.

Baseball has been a large part of Cole's life ever since he was a little kid growing up in East Texas. Music came later in life when he started playing the drums at age 14. Cole's passion and amazing talent in baseball and music have given him the opportunity many baseball players strive for and an honor many musicians aspire to achieve. That is, to be drafted by a professional baseball team and to be nominated for a Grammy.

During White's freshman year at Paris Junior College, he made 23 pitching appearances and recorded a 5.32 ERA. And in 2008, White was selected by the Cubs in the 30th round of the MLB Draft. Ultimately, Cole decided to continue his baseball career playing at the University of New Mexico and wait for other major league opportunities.

White's bold appearances on the baseball field are completely opposite from his quiet and shy disposition. For those who know Cole, it is probably surprising to learn that not only is he in a band, but he also plays the drums and sings.

"Most of the time I'm a pretty shy person and I don't talk that much. But when I'm on stage and I'm singing, it's just different," White said. "People will come watch me play, and they will say `I've never heard that kid talk that much.'"

Playing in his band is something Cole does in his spare time when he is not playing baseball. "When I am at home, it's all I do. And when I am here, I miss it," White said.

White started playing in a band when his buddies asked him to fill-in for their drummer that did not show up for practice. Eventually, playing in his friends' band, Turning Point (now Stiff Trixy), became a regular thing. The band started getting better and soon White discovered a knack for song writing.

"I would start messing around writing some stuff. I would think of something and write it down."

While messing around writing in high school, White wrote the song "Fight a Storm." Shortly after the song was completed, he quit the band because of his commitment to baseball. Cole's friends continued to play and in time, the band, in addition to his song became quite popular.

The song became so popular that it was chosen to appear on the 2008 Grammy ballot in the categories for Song of the Year and Best Rock Song, which recognize the songwriter.

"My friend, Josh Allen, called and said I might get a call in a few days from the Grammys. He said if we go, then you have to go. I didn't think it was real."

White did not end up going to the Grammys. However, his song made it into the top 100 songs nominated for an award which is more than he could have imagined. He stated, "The Grammys was definitely the last thing on my mind when I wrote the song, so it was pretty surprising and exciting."

When White is not playing baseball, he continues to play with his new band FM South and writing songs. His newest song is titled "Hold on Tight".

"I love it," said White. "If I wasn't playing baseball, then this is what I would be doing,"

Luckily for White, he still has the opportunity to play both baseball and music. And his future goals include doing the same. Playing professional ball and playing and recording music in the off-season is the plan. His goals are ambitious, but certainly within his reach. It seems only a matter of time before Cole White is playing in the major leagues and winning a Grammy. Until then, it's only a question of which will happen first.

White says, "I'm looking forward to what's going to happen in the future, it's exciting."

Nita Gonzales is UNM Sports Administration graduate student, participating in a cooperative emersion program in the UNM Athletics Department. She is in her third week of five working in the Athletics Media Relations office.