Gianna Blog: Two Wins and A Proposal
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  08/25/2010
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics

Aug. 25, 2010

What a weekend! 2 wins, 2 shutouts, a marriage proposal for Kerrin Stephan (check out the video on GoLobos.com!) and 10 amazing goals by eight different Lobos. I don't think we could have scripted it any better. The excitement started Wednesday with the announcement of Rachel Fields, Kate Wyrick, Roxie McFarland and Jael Fanning as our 2010 leadership group. These outstanding juniors and seniors are known around the team as four of the most hard-working and dedicated players. We were all very pleased with the outcome of the team vote. Thursday's practice was mellow compared to the craziness of preseason as the team completed a few walk-through set plays and our favorite three-team game. After practice, our trainer, Josh Modica, worked on any last minute niggles and we all headed to Rachel Montoya's house for a pre-game dinner. The food was delicious and the atmosphere was very family-oriented as parents and siblings arrived in town for the opening weekend.

Friday - Game Day vs. Montana!

The team met at the practice field in the morning to go through a light shake-out, jog and stretch. We had the middle of the day off until our pre-game meal at Saggio's. Saggio's has become a bit of a Lobo home-game tradition because we eat there before every Friday night home game. Everyone knows what they want and it's good to have a familiarity with the food you like before a game. With game time two hours away, the energy in the locker room was electric. Zaneta Wyne and Rachel Fields entertained the team with some interesting dance moves, while Alexandra Wodka played DJ. The dance party was cut short when Coach Kit Vela came in to announce the starting eleven and share some last minute inspirational words. It worked because we came out firing and 90 minutes later we had won our first game of the 2010 season. Despite the excitement, we were well aware that this season is more like a marathon and Montana was just the first mile. A quick rehab session after the game and we all headed home for some much needed rest.

Saturday morning consisted of another light shake-out, another three-team game and lots of rehab in preparation for Nebraska on Sunday. Our last pre-season dinner was a quick stop at Tomato Café on the West side, then less than 12 hours later it was game day all over again.

Sunday - Game Day vs. Nebraska!

Pre-game meal at Einstein's, ankle taping, heating, pre-game dance rituals, Coach Kit's starting eleven announcements and we were off to start our second game of the season. With all our fellow student-athletes in the stands following the Athletics Department's annual Welcome Back event, we were ecstatic to finish the game with our second win. Nebraska has always been a strong contender in the NCAA soccer ranks so to beat such a formidable opposition was incredible.

Without getting ahead of ourselves, we happily enjoyed the win and are looking forward to our first road trip this weekend to Wisconsin, where we will take on Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Marquette.

Monday, August 17
7:00 PM - 
Women's Soccer
vs. Fort Lewis (exhibition)
Friday, August 21
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Women's Soccer
at USC vs. Texas Tech
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Women's Soccer
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Sunday, August 23
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