New Mexico vs. Georgia - Postgame Quotes
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  11/24/2012

Nov. 24, 2012

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Head coach Yvonne Sanchez

Opening statement:
"That's the difference between a program that is striving to go to a Final Four this year and one that's rebuilding. Georgia is very good, there's no question about that. The mistakes we try to eliminate, we made them early. You can't throw the ball away and give up layups. If you throw it out of bounds or eat it and give up a 30-second violation, I can live with this, but when you throw the ball away and give up layups (you pay for it). They were quicker than we were obviously, they're a little more athletic. (We) didn't box out. They had 13 offensive rebounds and they shot 47 percent. I am definitely most proud (that) in the second half we battled back. (We were outscored) 32-25 instead of 40-17 and I'll take that. It's like I told them, leave it out on the court and we'll live with the results. I just wanted them to battle back in the second half and I think they did that."

On Georgia's trapping defense and the turnovers it forced:
"They do that well. We've seen it. They trap off ball screens. They trap in the corners. They're just so long. We talked about getting to the middle and flattening out that zone and we just didn't do a good job of it. Unfortunately we threw the ball away a little bit too much, but that's something we talked about and we just didn't execute very well."

On what she can take away from the game and playing a top-10 opponent:
"Last year we lost to San Diego State at their place by 30 and ended up getting to the finals of the Mountain West Conference tournament. You learn lessons. The biggest thing is you don't put your head down. We're 5-1. That's a tremendous feat for this program and I'm proud of them for that. There are a lot of things to take from this. You can dissect and cut up the film and probably every possession something went wrong, but you can also look for some of the things that went right. I thought Caroline Durbin played really well. I thought Jourdan Erskine really battled inside. Sara Halasz comes up with 14 points and battles again and was 4-4 from the line. And that's something we can't seem to fix right now. Khadijah Shumpert gets to the line nine times but goes 3-9 so she leaves six points out there. But you have to learn your lessons from this. Obviously we're all disappointed, but they get a much-needed day off tomorrow. We'll get back at it Monday and have one day of prep for Weber State and we'll get there."

On facing a tough opponent in their fourth game of the week:
"Like I said, we've had a pretty good week and a half, so when you hit the tail end of that last game and it is Georgia and they're eighth in the country and they have, in my opinion, a good shot to go to the Final Four ... anytime you have a chance to play a school like that you have to do it and we'll continue to do that and our kids will continue to get better."

Sara Halasz

On what impressed her most about Georgia:
"Just the intensity they came out with. We have to work up to that and each day we're going to get better so we have to come our and learn from that."

On the team's better play in the second half:
"We came in the locker room, didn't hold our heads down, and came out in the second half fighting. I think that was good for us. That's what we need to do every second half. That's what we need to do in the beginning of the game, just every day fight on the same page."

Caroline Durbin

On some positives the team can take away from the game:
"We rebounded better in the second half. We did shoot a little better and played a little better D. You could see at the end people still playing really hard, like Khadijah was hustling all over the court."

On the experience of playing a top 10 team:
"I've never experienced playing a top 10 team before. It was an eye-opener. They're a very good team, (they) execute well, they play very good defense and that's a level we'd like to get to."

On the overall play of Georgia:
"They executed really well. They're a very well-coached team. As far as quickness, they were quick but I don't think it was anything we've seen before from teams like Texas Tech or San Diego State. They play very well together as a team."