Holding Court With ... Allison Buck
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  09/08/2008
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics

Sept. 8, 2008

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September 8 - Allison Buck, freshman libero, Camas, Wash.

Hi Lobo Fans!

This past week we had the privilege to play in a volleyball tournament at George Mason University. George Mason University is located in the city of Fairfax, Virginia which is only 20 miles away from Washington D.C.

On Wednesday afternoon, we flew out of Albuquerque to our final destination of Baltimore, Md. The flight was about three and half hours, but it wasn't too bad of a flight because some of the players slept on the way over. It went by pretty quickly. Once we got into the Baltimore airport we went and got our vans for the trip and headed over to get some dinner by our hotel. We were so hungry. We went to Denny's, which was great because our whole team loves breakfast food. After we were done eating we headed over to our hotel to crash for the night.

The next morning we had to wake up at 9:30 for practice at the George Mason Fieldhouse. We headed over to the gym and admired all of the greenery. Everything is covered by trees and bushes, which is very beautiful. It was easier for me to adapt to the greenness of Virginia because I am from the state of Washington and it is also very green there. So from Washington to Washington.

We get to the gym after a 10-minute drive and it is a beautiful campus with all of the sport facilities very close together. We walk into the gym and put our stuff on and get ready to practice. The only thing that was different about the gym was it didn't have air conditioning. Virginia at this time of the year can be very humid and it was very uncomfortable practicing in the gymnasium. It was very muggy and warm in the gym. It was not the greatest playing atmosphere. Our practice went about an hour and a half. When we finished everything we headed back to the hotel to get washed up and get ready for our sightseeing tour that was at 2:00.

We had the opportunity to tour the Capitol of the United States. We started out at the Hart building, which is where a lot of the senators' offices are. We stopped at Senator Bingaman's office to talk to the interns that were working in his office. Once we arrived at his office we got a big welcome from all of his staff and were given a tour from the interns. We headed to the Capitol building by going under the streets of Washington D.C. It was a great experience because our team got to see where the next president will present the inaugural address in January. We got to see many rooms that the Senate uses to work in, and see the Rotunda, which is absolutely beautiful. There was so much history in the Capitol building. It was amazing! I can talk about the Capitol building forever because I just loved everything about it. :)

Enough about the Capitol, let's talk about volleyball. On Friday, we met down at the lobby around 10:30 to head over back to the gymnasium to get ready for our first match. We got to the gym a little bit early and watched two teams before we played. Once the game ended we warmed up and got ready to face Rutgers in our first match in the George Mason Invitational. We came out ready to play and beat Rutgers 25-10. The next two games were close because Rutgers put up a good fight but our team never let down and pushed through to finish the match, 3-0.

Our next match was against La Salle. We came out ready to play once again and had a great match and won in three. We came here not only to play well but to get better as a team. We worked on many different lineups and everyone played very well. The next day we played St. Francis and George Mason. Our goal going into Saturday was to win the tournament and keep getting better at ball control and playing as a team. Against St. Francis we met our goal at getting better at ball control. We played really well as a team and won in three straight sets.

Later that night we were set to play George Mason the host of the tournament for the championship match. We did not want to lose in the championship match. We came out fired up and ready to play and it showed in how well we played as a team. We also beat George Mason in three straight sets and had three players honored as being on the all-tournament team - Jade Michaelsen, Rose Morris, and Jeanne Fairchild who was named the MVP of the tournament. All in all, our team came out ready to play and it showed with our George Mason Invitational championship under our belt.

With a great tournament wrapped up, we had the opportunity to stay one more day in Washington D.C. We went on a sightseeing extravaganza and saw the Lincoln Memorial, the White House, the National Archives, and so much more. It was a great experience for everyone. Seeing so much history of our country was a once in a lifetime experience. I will never forget this great weekend filled with great volleyball and a lot of history and monuments. Have a great week LOBO FANS!

Everyone's a Lobo! Woof Woof Woof! :)

Allison Buck

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