Quotes From Senior D.J. Renteria
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  09/23/2003

Sept. 23, 2003

Senior Defensive End D.J. Renteria (Roswell, N.M.)

Question: You don't want to go out as a senior losing to New Mexico State do you?

D.J. Renteria: Not at all. Fortunately, right now I'm 2-1 against them since being here. For me, I'll have family and friends here and it would be great thing for me to go out on a winning note against New Mexico State.

Q: What do they do offensively that concerns you?

DR: These rivalry games, they can bring anything out of the hat they need to. They have a lot of talented athletes down there and it is going to bring a lot of excitement and preparation to the game this weekend. We are equally prepared and excited as them and hopefully it will turn out positive for us.

Q: Are you taking a bunch of grief over losing last year or do you not hear any of it?

DR: Oh I hear that all the time, especially with a lot of the older fans. They take it to heart. You have to hear that all year long. I hear it here and there from friends and family down in Las Cruces, so I will do anything I can to stop that for the rest of the year.

Q: You're coming off a very nice game at Washington State. Do you feel like you and the line are coming around a little bit and making things happen?

DR: Oh yeah. I have said it all year long. Our defense is going to be a huge part of the success this year. We have had a lot of young guys step up this season, Marcus Parker, Kyle Coulter, Zach Rupp and Daniel Kegler as well. So everyone is stepping up and taking it upon themselves to do everything they possibly can to help this team out right now.

Q: This defense has six turnovers, which is okay, but you haven't had one to turn a game around. What are your thought on that?

DR: Exactly and we try to pride ourselves on that, helping the offense out. Every once and a while they are going to need a little boost and hopefully we will be there this weekend to take the ball away from the Aggies and set up our offense in great field position.