Post-Game Quotes Utah vs. UNM 2/19/11
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  02/19/2011

Feb. 19, 2011

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UNM Head Coach Steve Alford

Opening Statement:

"This was a really tough loss; it's kind of been a year of that. We've had good fortune the last two years of winning close games, and we just can't win the close ones this year, and tonight was evidence of that. We shot 35 percent in our building, so shooting continues to plague us, and we just have to find ways to improve on that. I thought our effort defensively was pretty good, but we have to find ways to score."

What happened on the last shot? It looked like you had them closed off.

"We did a nice job defensively, and he just made a trey from 35-40 feet out. You have to make plays. Tonight, they did and we didn't. They beat us 9-4 from the three-point line and that's been the tale of the tape lately."

Does the loss negate Drew Gordon's performance tonight? (17 points, 23 rebounds)

"Drew was really good on the backboard, pick and roll defense is something else, but the job he did on the backboard was really good."

How frustrating is this game for the team?

"I think it's obvious, there's nothing to be happy about in a situation like this. We just have to find ways to pick things up and see how we can get better and ready for a team like UNLV."

UNM Center Drew Gordon

Comment on the last 20-30 seconds

"I just didn't do what I was supposed to do, then they scored and then we couldn't hit a free throw. That basically sealed the game right there. They hit a great shot, a contested shot. It was a bank after he fumbled it. It was a good shot, it was a clean shot."

What was going through your mind when you got that fourth foul?

"I thought that was a clean block, basically. The refs might have seen it otherwise, and ultimately what the refs say and what the refs call is what goes. Obviously, players and refs disagree sometimes and that's just a disagreement that really hurt us."

Did that make you play a little more conservative?

"Yeah, it did. It definitely made me slow my pace down a little bit to try and stay in the game."

On his rebounding accomplishments in light of the loss.

"As great as all that is, I really feel like I lost the game. I could go for 40 and 40, but if you miss those type of plays at the end of the game, it really hurts. You tend to focus on that rather than focusing on the positives. It's all good that I accomplished that, but we lost and that is what hurts the most."

On the pick-and-roll defense.

"That is what killed us. That is what I missed a screen on. That is what they were doing the whole game and it ultimately hurt us a lot. That is something that you can't take back. It hurt; it hurt our team and it hurt me and Dairese. They executed it well and my hat goes off to them."

Utah Head Coach Jim Boylen

Thoughts on the game:

"We are thankful for the win for a couple of reasons. We played without Will (Will Clyburn) and J Wat (Jay Watkins) and we faced a lot of adversity this year. We were ready to play and I thought we were focused but the biggest reason was the games that we have had in this building. Since I have been here they have been unbelievable games.

The crowd and the intensity was handled by our guys. They have grown as the season has gone on from playing in these environments. They got their butt kicked at San Diego and we responded at BYU and responded here. We are starting to grow. I felt we hung in there and got a lot from a lot of guys.

(Chris) Hines stepped up. We had been trying to play at pace since the BYU game and I felt the San Diego State game exposed us a little bit and we tried to improve our pace and feel for half court offense. We weren't running like we were but we are executing better and turning it over less. It's been a real positive to play like that."

On playing in The Pit:

"Our guys talked yesterday about having not won in this building in a long time and it meant something to them to come here and to play well. It's huge for these guys' confidence. They got some results."

On the final shot of the game by Chris Hines.

"You teach your guys in that situation to get a shot up. It was a one point game. It wasn't a have to have it. You just got to get a shot up. Maybe you rebound it, maybe you put it back in. We didn't have a timeout cause I burned them all, but I thought our guys did a heck of a job. Maybe it was a miracle shot."

00 Chris Hines

"I saw JJ (J.J. O'Brien) in the corner with the ball with about six seconds left and then Glover had it and he handed it off to me and I knew we needed a shot up and I had to get it off. The shot felt good. There are no words to explain it. We are building and it is a good confidence booster."