New Mexico vs. Manchester Exh. Game Quotes
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Release:  11/06/2010

Nov. 6, 2010

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New Mexico vs. Manchester Exh.

November 6, 2010

Jamal Fenton and Dairese Gary

On their relationship as teammates and competition for time:

Gary - "I love Jamal to come in to play. That means I get a break. In practices we work on making each other better and I think that is why our relationship is so good."

What Jamal brings to the court that Dairese can't?

Fenton - "I can just bring some energy and quickness to the game and just get the crowd back into it. I just listen to what he (Dairese) tells me and I just follow him."

What did you think of your defensive effort tonight?

Fenton - "Our defensive effort has been pretty good. Coach Alford has been telling us to push up the ball. Our ball pressure is really good this year and we are very deep in the bench."

How have you guys come together with all the new guys?

Gary - "Coming into the summer and just being in the dorms together; pretty much everything we do is together. We have a good bond."

Are you ready for a season opener right now?

Gary - "Yeah we are ready. We still have a little work to do. Detroit is a good team. Jamal and Kendall have great athletic ability to help me out."

What did you think of the intros?

Gary- "Something new. I have been here for four years. That just brought back a new feeling for me. People are always scared to play in the Pit."

New Mexico Head Coach Steve Alford Postgame Quotes
Manchester - Nov. 6, 2010

Opening Statement:
"Well we were able to play two exhibition games; I really want to thank our fans because we played our two exhibitions in front of nearly 28,000 people. That really helps our young team. We have a lot of things we have to work out, we are young and inexperienced so playing in front of good crowds helps us, so a big thanks to our fans.

That's probably what we got the most out of in these two exhibitions games. Our young guys are getting better and that's a big positive, so there were a lot of positives in this game. I like Manchester's team. I think they present a lot of problems that has to do with a lot of small college teams that don't play with a legit center. You're out there chasing four and five guards and I thought our bigs did a really good job at that. So all in all we got a lot out of those two exhibition games.

(On Jamal Fenton's role on the team)
"Well, he's just got to keep doing what he is doing. He brings a lot of energy. He went into the game four times tonight, three of the times he was terrific and one he was awful. So, he gives us a different dimension. He can pick up full, he can harass guards, he got a lot of deflections for us. And he got shots. He's been shooting the ball well all fall so it was good to see him take some shots and make some shots.

(On Jamal and the team slowing down)
"I'd much rather play fast now than slow down. We'll slow down when we need to. But, I thought he did a really good job offensively, and getting us in things. Shooting the ball well, he made all his free throws. That's got to be the most free throws he's shot in a game and he only played nineteen minutes. He's doing a good job of penetrating and getting deep. Those are good things. I just didn't like his approach defensively to start the second half.

(Frustration of turning the ball over)
"I think that's things we have to work out and we'll take that. That was happening on free throws, and our young guys are into `I'm guarding 12' well, if twelve is over on that side and there's a guy open right next to you, you have to take him. So that's something we have to try to do as coaches, to point out to them and try to help them because, I thought if there was a negative in this game it was the transition defense, both off makes and misses wasn't very good because of our matchups."