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Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  10/03/2009

Oct. 3, 2009

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Texas Tech vs. New Mexico

Postgame Press Conference

New Mexico Lobos

October 3, 2009

Head Coach Mike Locksley

Opening statement:
"I can't tell you how proud I am with my team. We've had every opportunity to quit, we had every opportunity, with all the adversity we have faced here in the last couple of weeks, to maybe fall apart and we haven't. What I've seen the last two weeks, is a team that is coming together, a team that really believes in each other. A team that really represents what I like to call 'a football family'. You can win a lot of football games when you have a team like the one I have in that locker room over there. Like I told them, I don't believe in moral victories, I don't believe on coach victories. It's either winning or losing and we lost the ball game. But if a team fights the way they did today and the way they have every game, I see brighter days for us as a program and I see them coming very soon. Our seniors have really continued to pull the team. I see a lot of fight in these guys for four quarters. And again, you'll win games when you have a team that plays close, a team that cares about each other and a team that plays with great effort. Right now, I have a lot of respect for that."

On coming off the field with a little smile on your face:
"The smile was because they scored a touchdown with two seconds left. That means they've got a lot of respect for us, in my opinion. They had a chance to take a kneel and Mike's (Leach) got to coach his team the way he coaches his team and I've got to coach mine but for them to score a touchdown there at the end, in my mind, it looks like he had a lot of respect for the Lobos and the fight we have."

On QB Donovan Porterie's performance:
"It's always tough when you don't have a chance to watch the tape but the thing that I liked about Donovan (Porterie) was that for four quarters he competed. There were some opportunities where he made some bad decisions and as an head coach, when he comes off the field, I can look in his eyes and see if he's flustered but what I saw in Donovan's eyes was 'Put me back out there, I'm going to make the adjustments coach, I'm going to make the play'. We'll win a lot of bowl games with Donovan Porterie if he does that. The thing that I think that makes Donovan (Porterie) a good quarterback is the fact that he manages the game and manages bad plays and does not try to force anything. Just before watching the tape, I'd say that he probably played well enough to give us a good enough chance to win. He made some decent plays on the field but I'm sure he'll say he didn't. Those are the plays we have to somehow make if we want to beat a team like Texas Tech."

Quarterback Donovan Porterie

On whether it is frustrating to have a good offensive performance but not get the win
"Definitely. It is frustrating, but we see improvement week by week and that's all I can ask of the guys up front. The running game is looking pretty good. The receivers are pulling in more balls, and the offensive line is giving me time, so as an offensive unit, we're coming together and getting closer. As a quarterback, that's what you want to see from your team."

On whether today's performance gives the offense confidence
"Definitely. I think we proved that we could drive the ball and sustain drives, but the big step for us is coming out and starting a little bit faster. These first few games we've come out in the first quarter, and even though we might have been tied or been up on a team, we've still not put them away. This game we had the chance to make big plays when the game was 7-7, and we really didn't make those plays. That's the mission of the offense on where we want to get to where we are making the big plays early and fast, and using our second half play to sustain drives, and to keep our defense off the field and continue to do good things on the offensive side of the ball."

Defensive back Nathan Enriquez

On what New Mexico did defensively to slow Texas Tech down
"I think our coaches did a great job preparing us on the field and going over all that they do, and they came up with a good game plan to stop them. The big thing there for us was the turnovers. This week we had a lot of turnovers and got off the field on third down, and I think it was a good start for us."

On the defense forcing turnovers
"It was nice. Of course everyone wants the defense to block off the kick or force turnovers, but really we're just looking for turnovers to put our offense back on the field to score points, and that's what we try to do."

Running back A.J. Butler

On his performance rushing over 100 yards
"I felt pretty good about this game, but I got to give a lot of credit to the offensive line because they worked their butt off this game, and they allowed me to get the yards I got and score touchdowns."

On the fumble on the goal line
"The cornerback came up and made a good play. I thought at the last minute that he is just got a hold of my arm and pulled it down, and he made a really good play."