Lobos Baseball Honors/Awards
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  01/13/2004


Sam Suplizio - 1953

Larry Minarsich - 1970-71 (Academic)

Aaron Cain - 1977

Duffy Ryan - 1980

Keith Hageman - 1980

Jim Fregosi - 1985

Dean Duane - 1985

Luke Oglesby - 1993

Mark Gulseth - 1993

Antonio Fernandez - 1994

Mark Wulfert - 1995; 1994 (Academic)

Lon Yamaguchi - 1996 (Freshman All-American)

Travis Young - 1994 (Freshman All-American); 1996 (First Team); 1996, 1997 - (Academic)

Aaron Sisk - 1999 (Honorable Mention); 2000 (Second Team)

Matt Young - 2002 (Freshman All-America)

Dusty Young - 2003 (Third Team); 2003 (Academic)

Chris Alexander - 2003 (Third Team)

Sean Murray - 2004 (Academic)

Daniel Stovall - 2004 (Freshman All-American)


1966-1999 - Western Athletic Conference

2000 - Current - Mountain West Conference

1966- Dave Chase (OF); Bob McAulay (P) 1967- Mark Johnson (OF); Greg With (3B) 1968- Dickie Baldizan (OF); Bob McAulay (P) 1969- Jim Johnston (SS); Jim Kremmel (P) 1970- Bob Faford (OF); Jim Kremmel (P); Larry Minarsich (3B); Rick Wicks (OF) 1971- Bob Faford (OF) 1972- Dan Fitzgerald (OF); Hank Garcia (3B) 1973- Dan Fitzgerald (OF); Hank Garcia (3B) 1974- Mike Pettenuzzo (OF) 1976- Mike Delmonico (OF) 1977- Mike Delmonico (OF); Steve Muccio (OF) 1978- Aaron Cain (OF) 1979- Walt Arnold (1B); Aaron Cain (OF); Steve Muccio (OF); Kyle Rutledge (C); Tom Francis (SS); Rob Hoover (P) 1980- Walt Arnold (1B); Mike Foote (SS); Keith Hagman (3B); Duffy Ryan (C) 1982- Barry Brunenkant (C); Keil Higgins (P) 1984- Kevin Andersh (P); Jim Fregosi (3B); Greg Hall (C); Brian Kubala (DH) 1985- Dean Duane (P); Jim Fregosi (SS); Greg Hall (C); John Snyder (1B) 1986- Glenn Russell (SS); Steve Sparks (OF) 1987- Steve McKee (OF) 1990- Terance Frazier (OF) 1991- Matt Yost (DH) 1992- Steve Foss (P); Mark Gulseth (1B) 1993- Antonio Fernandez (3B); Mark Gulseth (1B); Kurt Hildebrandt (P); Luke Oglesby (OF) 1994- David Meng (P); Mark Wulfert (OF) 1995- Jaime Garcia (C); Luis Gonzalez (P); Mark Wulfert (OF);Travis Young (2B) 1996- Travis Young (2B), Luis Gonzalez (P) 1997- Travis Young (2B), Robert Gonzales (OF) 1998- Lon Yamaguchi (SS) 1999- Lon Yamaguchi (2B), Aaron Sisk (3B); Chris Armstrong (C), Cory Robbins (OF) 2000- First team: Joe Abell (P), Chris Cooper (P), Donny Sevieri (OF), Aaron Sisk (3B), Scott Candelaria (SS); Second team: Troy Cairns (2B), Jake Little (C), Dee Dennis(1B) 2001- First team: Troy Cairns (2B); Second team: Anthony Lovato (DH), Chris Cooper (P) 2002- First team: Troy Cairns (2B), Matt Young (CF); Second team: James Vermilyea (P), Dusty Young (SS), Todd Stroud (DH) 2003 First team- Josh Mader (3B), Joe Salas (DH), James Vermilyea (P); Second team: Chris Alexander (1B), Cory Lizarraga (OF) 2004- Matt Young (OF); Josh Mader (SS); Joe Salas (DH/LHP); Daniel Stovall (1B)


Vince Cappelli 1985 WAC Coach of the Year

Antonio Fernandez 1992 WAC Freshman of the Year 1993 WAC Player of the Year

Rich Alday 1992 WAC Coach of the Year 1995 WAC Coach of the Year 2000 MWC Coach of the Year

Mark Wulfert 1995 WAC Player of the Year

Travis Young 1994 WAC Freshman of the Year 1996 WAC Player of the Year

Lon Yamaguchi 1996 WAC Freshman of the Year

Aaron Sisk 2000 MWC Player of the Year

Sean Murray 2004 MWC Male Scholar-Athlete of the Year