Quotes From WR Adrian Boyd
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  09/16/2003

September 16, 2003

Senior Wide Reciever Adrian Boyd

Question: What are your reflections on the BYU game a few days later?

Adrian Boyd: "I think we played hard, but we're not too proud of our performance."

Q: What are your thoughts about Washington State?

AB: "They're a pretty good team. They have some good corners and safeties so I think it will be pretty competitive from that aspect. Basically, we just have to come out and play hard. We need to play a complete game - no mistakes."

Q: You were shut out in the first half of Texas Tech and BYU. How do you find some consistency?

AB: "We need to let things come to us, not try and force things and make them happen when they're not there. We just need to play our game."

Q: Casey (Kelly) seems to be playing inconsistent. Do you sense an problems at the quarterback spot right now?

AB: "No. We have the same confidence in Casey as we did in the beginning of the season. We've all made mistakes in the first part of the season. I think it will be a total complete offensive effort this weekend against Washington State."

Q: This team is starting to show the same pattern as last year. Do you feel there are some similarities and you are about ready to bust out of it?

AB: "Sure. Last year, early in the season, we didn't have a lot of offensive production. It has been kind of like that this year. But I think we are going to bounce back and establish it at Washington State and remain consistent the rest of the year."

Q: Would you like to see the ball flow down the field a little bit more?

AB: "Yeah, of course, but if it's not there we have a great offensive line and we have two really great running backs. But it all depends on what Washington's State's defense does."